Daily Devotions, 4-2-2020

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 53:1-6

This week's readings are focused on both Palm Sunday as well as the Passion of Christ.  This passage is directed at the Passion of Christ.  Although we will observe Palm Sunday this Sunday, some churches observe the Passion of Christ because they will not have a Good Friday service.  Regardless, this is where God led me this morning in my devotion and I felt led to share it with you.  Connie

Over the past few weeks we have been faced with many challenges, some of us for the first time.  One of those more humourous challenges you see on social media is the concern expressed by many about not being able to visit their hair dresser, and for many this is due to the magic of hair color.  For me, not being able to visit my hairdresser brings about concern of looking too shaggy after about 4-6 weeks.  Regardless, through this, we are probably all eventually  realizing how much we care about outward appearances as a culture.

Today's passage prophetically reveals for us a description of the suffering servant.  The very first characteristic of Jesus in this prophesy describes his appearance as "having no beauty or majesty to attract us to him...nothing about his appearance that we would desire".  The prophetic response of humanity to Jesus was that he was "despised, rejected and held in low esteem."  We (humanity) rejected him because he did not fit our image of a Messiah or King.  But despite our rejection, Jesus responded in this way...he was "pierced...crushed...suffered...took on punishment.  He "took on our pain, suffering and our punishment that has brought us peace".  Despite the fact that we all go astray, Jesus has fulfilled prophesy and took on all our iniquity because he loved us even though we rejected him.

In a day when there is much emphasis on  outward appearances which also include appearances of our possessions (houses, cars, etc.), we are reminded in this passage of what matters...which is the answer to this question; what is it that we do with our life?  Jesus sacrificed in so many ways when he came to earth and was rejected and despised because he didn't look "kingly".  Despite his being rejected Christ still died for us while we were yet sinners so that we might have peace.  Peace doesn't come from how other people feel about us based on our looks, but true peace comes only from being in relationship with God.  This peace is made available through Jesus whose passion was poured out on the cross so that we might experience eternal peace.  During these days leading up to Holy Week, may we all consider how we look at one another as well as how we present ourselves to others.  Are we obssessed with outward, physical appearances about how we look on the outside?  Or are we allowing the Holy Spirit to stir within us and live a life of sacrifice as Christ exemplifed for us in his time on the earth and through his death on the cross?   

Dear God, Help us to be more like Jesus... let us not concern ourselves with how things appear on the outside and be more concerned about how we are from the inside out.  Help us to live a life of sacrifice out of our love for God and others, now and always.  In Jesus' name, Amen.



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