Daily Devotions, 4-1-2020

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Devotion - April 1, 2020
Scripture Reading: 2 Corinthians 1:3-11

Many times Christians think that somehow we are exempt from suffering.  We may even  say that God is not going to put anymore on us than we can handle.  But the reality is that Christ himself in his time on earth suffered. And so do we.  Christians are not exempt from suffering.

Right now, our nation is suffering, individually and collectively, as we face the COVID-19 pandemic.  And certainly, among those who are suffering, are Christians.  People are physically suffering from the virus itself while others are suffering pyschologically, socioligically and emotionally as we are spending lots of time in isolation from one another...which may be fine for a few days, but eventually most of us long to be in face to face contact with others.

In today's Scripture reading, Paul speaks to suffering... first of all, he acknowledges that there will be affliction (suffering) at times in our lives, but assures us that God is going to give us comfort...comfort not so much from the affliction but in spite of the affliction.  He also speaks to how comfort overflows so that as each of us is comforted, by our example, others can find comfort in their time of affliction.  Just as we know Christ endured suffering, we find comfort in knowing  Christ was comforted by God, the Father, in his suffering.  In other words If each of us is afflicted and find comfort in God so that we can have hope, even as we endure suffering, others witness this and have that same faith and hope they see in us.  Paul speaks to a specific example of his own suffering in Asia (verses 8-9) and how God delivered him and others from a "sentence of death"... yes he was delivered from death but only after he endured and went through suffering.

We too can have this hope through the prayers of many, giving thanks amidst our suffering for the comfort we receive from God in our times of suffering.  Are you suffering today?  It is my prayer that you will find hope in knowing that God can give you comfort in your time of suffering until you are delivered not from it, but through it.   


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