Daily Devotion, September 9, 2020 - Pleading for Forgiveness

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – September 9, 2020
Psalm 25
Weekly Theme: Beyond Forgiveness
Today: Pleading for Forgiveness

Do you look to God for forgiveness? If you do (and I pray you do) in what Spirit do you pray to God for forgiveness? Do you and I stop throughout the day to assess ourselves spiritually and to consider what we might have done throughout the day that was hurtful in our relationship with God? Forgiveness is something that is encouraged throughout the Scripture and in order to be forgiven, we first need to humble and posture ourselves by pleading. Pleading, according to Merriam Webster, means to make an emotional and earnest appeal to someone. When we plead to God, we should be humble in Spirit, acknowledging the distance we have placed between us and God. In today’s reading, David, the psalmist, is making a plea for his deliverance from sin and for forgiveness.

In Psalm 25, David describes his own way of approaching God and acknowledging his need for God with a plea to be able to resist and overcome sin and then earnestly seek forgiveness. In verses 1-3, David asks the Lord to release him from his shame and to give him complete trust in God for deliverance from treachery created by sin. You can almost hear David’s desperation in this plea which is followed by both an acknowledgment of his needs to avoid sin and overcome it through God. In verses 5-8, David asks God for guidance and to him God’s ways, teach him God’s path, lead him in God’s truth and acknowledge God as the only source of his salvation. David recognizes the goodness and righteousness of the Lord and his own need for humility as he tries to keep God’s covenant and testimonies at the forefront of his life. He humbly asks for pardon from his sins in verses 8-11. David fears the Lord in that he realizes that God is the only One who can “pluck him” from his entanglement he has experienced with sin and evil. David concludes his plea by asking for mercy and acknowledging his feelings of being desolate and afflicted by sin. He asks God to deliver him from the distress he suffers because of his sins. He expresses the desired state he desires from God which is deliverance from sin to trust, integrity and uprightness that will preserve him as he waits upon the Lord. He asks the same for all of God’s people.

What would the world be like if each one of us would enter into our prayers for God’s forgiveness with such humility and heartfelt acknowledgement of our need for God? When was the last time, you and I knelt with humility and with surrender to God, going beyond just asking for forgiveness but pleading for God to forgive and redeem us? I pray you will join me right now as I make my own plea for forgiveness.

God, I am not worthy of the many ways you teach and guide me and try to direct me on the right path. Thank you for your goodness and mercy. I plead with you to help me be humble and to acknowledge my many sins and know that only you can deliver me from them. And also acknowledge that the price has already been paid for those and I have been redeemed. Help me not to cheapen the grace you have extended to me through Christ, in whose name I pray. Amen.

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