Daily Devotion, September 4, 2020 - Don't Judge

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – September 4, 2020
Luke 6:37-42
Don’t Judge

A common phrase in the 2000s has been and still is “don’t judge me."  People tend to say this when someone looks at them in disbelief based on something they have said, or how they are dressed or the way they live. Most of us, do not like to be judged, assessed, “sized up”, and condemned, especially by people who barely know us. In today’s passage, Jesus has some real clear guidance about judging others. Don’t do it!

The bottom line is that only God can judge the sin in our lives --- judgement includes determining if a behavior is right or wrong, based on all the evidence, then condemning a person as guilty or not guilty and assigning punishment appropriate for the offense. God is the only One capable of looking into our hearts, motives, and actions, and judging us. Jesus warns his disciples to not judge, reminding them of their important role as teachers and trainers who will be preparing others to follow Christ. As instructors, teachers and leaders we should steer clear of self-righteousness and arrogance, realizing that we all live in the flesh and are subject to sin. Even as we hold one another accountable in Christian love, we should acknowledge the plank (bigger sin), we may have in our own life before passing judgment on the speck of sin that may exist in the life of someone else.

As Christians we should constantly assess ourselves and seek out accountability partners with whom we can share our struggles with sin, with each person self-identifying the sins they struggle with in his or her life and together seeking God’s help in overcoming the struggle we all have with sin. Good accountability partners do not judge one another but pray and explore Scripture together and advise each other on how to deal with struggles with sin. Accountability partners invite one another into each other’s lives to help grow together in their Christian faith and to encourage each other. Judging and accountability are two different things. As we journey together, let’s leave the judgment to God who has the full picture of our lives, and agree to hold each other accountable in Christian love through prayer, instruction and encouragement.

Dear God, thank you for being the only One who can judge us with perfect mercy and justice. Help us to have humility and to not judge others but rather to enter into accountability partnerships with one another to talk through our struggles with sin and encourage one another as we grow in our relationship with you and resist the temptations of sin as Jesus taught us and in whose name we now pray. Amen.

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