Daily Devotion, September 28, 2020 - Unfaithfulness

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – September 28, 2020
1 Samuel 2:27-36
Weekly Theme: Faithfulness
Today: Unfaithfulness

What does the word faithfulness mean to you? Without consulting a dictionary or doing a synonym search, how would you describe someone who is faithful? For me, faithfulness is steadfast allegiance and loyalty to someone or something and to me, that Someone would be God. A quick Google search gives this biblical definition of faithfulness…Faithfulness is the act of being true to your word or promise. It’s the ability to follow foremost the character of God which we see through Jesus. To better understand what it means to be faithful, we are going to look at what faithfulness is not (or unfaithfulness) by looking at the example of Eli from 1 Samuel 2:27-36.

He came from a long line of priests beginning with Aaron, Moses’ brother and the first designated priest for God’s people, the people of Israel. was the priest to whom Hannah went to when she was unable to bear children. God used him mightily in giving this young woman hope that she would indeed bear a son. She did give birth to Samuel and gave the son back to God. Samuel was under the tutelage of . In his role as the one who discipled and taught Samuel in the ways of God, was a great example and leader. However, today’s reading tells us that he was not faithful in mentoring within his own household. His two sons were stealing from God’s people. As people would make food sacrifices, they would eat the best parts of the sacrifice. In essence, they were robbing and stealing that which was intended to be for the Lord. rebuked them and brought the matter to their attention after the fact, but the problem was that he did not disciple them. He neglected his first responsibility as a priest and teacher by not discipling within his own household. In neglecting this responsibility, he was unfaithful in training future priests (his Sons). God had made it clear that this familial line of priests was to be continued, but was not faithful in discipling his sons and God had to deal with his lack of faithfulness. His overindulgent sons would both die on the same day and would lose his strength and his vision. was allowed to live and to disciple Samuel but sadly he lost both of his sons in one day because of his and their unfaithfulness. God had to preserve and ensure holiness which comes about through faithful spiritual leaders who disciple others. God gave an opportunity to disciple Samuel and Samuel went on to become a prophet, priest and a judge. But with his own sons, he failed to disciple them and because of their egregious and irreverent acts, they died and Eli was left without anyone to carry own the lineage of priests that were meant to be.

Faithfulness is when we dedicate our whole selves to God and to teaching others about God. Eli did a great job of discipling others but did not start soon enough in discipling his own household. Today, are we living out our faithfulness as disciples by starting in our homes and sharing our faith with our family so that they might become, by the grace of God, faithful disciples of Jesus Christ? Let’s pray that God will guide us to be faithful in all things and in all aspects of our lives, beginning within our homes.

Dear God, thank you so much for your example of faithfulness lived out through your Son, Jesus Christ who demonstrated faithfulness in every aspect of his life, even to death on the cross. Grant us the grace and strength to follow you faithfully all the days of our lives as Jesus did, in whose name we pray. Amen.

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