Daily Devotion, September 23 - Consider The Lilies - Don't Worry About It

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – September 23, 2020
Reading: Luke 12:22-32
Weekly Theme: God Supplies Our Every Need
Today: Consider the Lilies---Don’t Worry About It

When we hear the quote, “Don’t worry about it”, spoken with a New York City accent, we often are reminded of the movie The Godfather, even for those of us who never saw the movie. But long before that movie was even thought about, in a totally different context and in a much more compassionate and loving manner, Jesus tells his disciples to not worry.

In Luke 12:1-21, Jesus has spent time telling his disciples not to worry and that he will provide for them just as he has done for the sparrows. He also warns them against being obsessed with storing up for themselves excessive amounts of food and wealth, but instead look to God for “true wealth”. In other words, Jesus says, “don’t worry about it”. Jesus goes on to remind them that God has clothed the lilies of the field and fed the sparrows. He values the disciples so much that he knows the number of hairs on their head. He tells them that worrying does not add an hour to your life. Today’s medical professionals would tell us the exact opposite; worry can shorten one’s life expectancy by 10 years. So why do we worry when Jesus tells us not to and when we know from the Scripture that God supplies our every need?  Because we have not been focusing on Jesus' words.

Jesus uses three verbs to reflect upon when we start to worry: Consider, Set, Seek. When we feel worry taking over our lives, consider how God takes care of the lilies and the sparrows and trust that he will take care of us.  Jesus also says to not set our hearts on what we will drink or eat but set our minds on God who knows our needs (a bit of a paraphrase of v. 12:29, but the same message). Jesus concludes by advising his disciples to seek God’s kingdom and all things "kingdom" will be given to us. It pleases God to give us the kingdom. When we consider God's provision, set our minds on God and seek Gods kingdom we will be learn that the key to true joy is providing for others sacrificially and giving to the poor. We will begin to understand that where we expend our time, talents  and resources indicates where and how we invest our treasure is where our heart is.

So where is your heart? If you were to list your monthly or yearly expenses, how have you invested that with which God has blessed you? Do you worry about debt you have incurred to satisfy your desires or wants? God wants to provide our every need if we will let him. Instead of worrying about what we don’t have, let’s focus on what we do have and maybe consider how we are using that with which God has blessed. God does not want us to worry but to look around at the many blessings that surround us in the more simple pleasures of this world, such as sparrows and lilies and to remember if he provides for them, he will provide for us materially and spiritually with a life of love, hope, peace and joy. The next time you feel anxiety creeping up on you say this, “Don’t worry about it---consider the lilies”.

Dear God, thank you for clothing us with your protection and covering us with your grace. Help us to appreciate fully the way you care for us and supply our every need and move us toward a life without worry, knowing that you will supply our every need. By your grace may we have faith in your great provision. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

  July 2021  
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