Daily Devotion, September 15, 2020 - Asking God for Wisdom

Today’s Devotion – September 15, 2020
Reading: 1 King 3:3-28
Weekly Theme: Wise Stewards
Today: Asking God for Wisdom

As Youth Director at my previous church, I had the privilege of serving side by side with some wonderful people. One of those people is a man named Charlie Knox. Charlie has this way of teaching others by sharing stories. He knows when to listen and when it is time to tell a story, sharing his great wisdom and insight that he has gained through the years as a follower of Christ. He was at least 40 years older than those he ministered to in youth ministry but was the first person many of them went to when they had a problem... because of his gift of wisdom and ability to relate to them. As I was reading today’s Scripture. I thought of Charlie and many others like him who have gently led others to Christ by balancing love and wisdom as they developed relationships whether volunteering at church or working on the job. It seems Charlie has asked God to give him the wisdom and insight he needs to carry forward the gospel of Jesus and impact the lives of others through serving, all for God’s glory.

In today’s reading from 1 Kings 3, King Solomon demonstrates his love and devotion to the Lord by walking according to instructions as did his father David except with one variation; Solomon also offered sacrifices on the altar in the “high place”, something that was supposed to be done by priests only. The Lord appears to Solomon in a dream and acknowledges Solomon’s faithful and upright heart and tells him to ask for whatever he wants. Solomon could have asked for a long life, wealth, or the death of his enemies but instead he asked for a discerning heart to govern God’s people and distinguish between right and wrong. God is very pleased with this answer, acknowledging that Solomon could have asked for more material or self-serving things, and blesses Solomon with wisdom but also with wealth and honor which will not be equaled in his lifetime. But there is one condition God gives to Solomon; he is to walk in obedience to God as his father, David, had done. Then Solomon awakened from the dream. He returned to Jerusalem, worshipped before the Ark of the Covenant and gave a feast for all who worked and served in his court.

While this may have been a dream, it was one that came true. Solomon is presented with an opportunity to illustrate his wisdom when two women, both prostitutes who had each given birth to two sons, come to him wto make a very difficult decision. One of the mothers laid on her son while sleeping and he died and while the other mother claimed that the other woman swapped the sons while she was sleeping and claims to be the true mother. . The two women stand before Solomon quarrelling and asking for him to place the living son in the arms of his rightful mother. The bickering goes on and on and Solomon requests a sword so that he might cut the living child in two and give each mother ½ of the son they each claim as their own. With that, the true mother cried out asking Solomon to give the child to the other woman, because she could not bear to see her baby cut in half while the other lady desires for Solomon to carry on with his plan to cut the baby in half. Solomon had used wisdom and discernment knowing that the real mother would speak up and "give in" out of her love for her son and her desire for him to live, even if it meant the other woman would be his mother. Solomon governed with wisdom and the real mom got her son back.

As we consider this story and its application in our lives today, do we pray for discernment and wisdom from God as we carry out our duties,responsibilities and decision-making at work and home? We, like Solomon. as Christians growing in our faith certainly need wisdom and discernment as we grow as disciples and as we teach and instruct others who are growing in disciples? Who are some wise people who have ministered to us and shared their insight with us in our journey as a Christian and have we ever thanked them for how God used them in our lives? In what ways are we leading and mentoring others?  As you go throughout the day today, consider praying for God to grant you wisdom and a discerning heart.

Dear God, you are the epitome of wisdom and we will never measure up to the way you rule with great wisdom and discernment. But you have placed people in our lives who exemplify your wisdom and for that we are thankful! Grant us wisdom and a discerning heart so that as we lead and mentor others in our families, in our places of work, in our church and in our community, you might be glorified and honored. In Jesus’ name we pray… Amen.

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