Daily Devotion, July 8, 2020 - A Strong Obligation

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Today’s Devotion- July 8, 2020
Reading: Romans 15:1-13
A Strong Obligation

Tonight, just a few moments ago, I received a text from an acquaintance. This person has some serious weaknesses and struggles with a problem that I cannot possibly understand. The person calls me a few times a year, typically to request financial assistance of some sort. I am not always able to assist. I must admit that I get frustrated with him because he just cannot seem to live without depending on others and without making bad choices. He has some weaknesses that I do not understand, and these weaknesses seem to get him into situations such as homelessness.

Today’s passage tells me that as a person with strong faith I am obligated to bear the “weaknesses of those without strength and not to please myself”. Ouch!! This person does have a weakness and tonight called me from an emergency room because he has been passing out. They changed his meds told him he was dehydrated, and sent him on his way but he does not have a place to stay. Today’s passage says that I am to have endurance with him and encourage him. It does not say that I endure and encourage him based on my own knowledge and strength but because written instruction in God’s Word says that is what I am supposed to do. It suggests that the person who receives this hope will see the endurance and the encouragement he receives from God through my conversation with him and by assisting him with a place to stay. It doesn’t say that I am to question his lifestyle or his past or the reasons that he is in this situation but I am simply to accept him as a human being with a need just as Christ has accepted me. This hope, endurance, encouragement, and acceptance leads to the glorification of God. In other words, the God of hope will fill me with joy and peace as I believe and step out in faith to endure, encourage and assist a fellow person who is struggling. God has tapped me on the shoulder so that I overflow with hope that comes from the Holy Spirit right on over into another person’s life and that as a result, he may also come to glorify God for God’s mercy and compassion.

Although we may please others when we help them and satisfy a temporary need for them, our real target is to please God by helping others. In so doing we are showing that we endure and encourage as we make sacrifices, so that God will be glorified by that person and others may see hope that can be found in God. So as soon as I finish typing, I will contact him, probably ask him a few questions and offer a few verses of hope, and then find out who I need to call to help him out. He is about 100 miles away and that is the only way I can offer him hope… provide him with a place to stay for tonight and to let him know that I am praying for him. The real reason I will do this is to glorify God and pray that this person will also glorify and please God.

Dear God, we thank you that you know and understand the weaknesses and needs of all people and that you want them to be accepted and loved. But sometimes we find it difficult to understand the predicaments of others because we are quick to play judge rather than to endure and encourage. Help us to see when we endure and encourage others who are experiencing weaknesses, you are glorified and pleased and the life of another could possibly be changed by your mercy. In the name of your Son, Jesus, we humbly pray. Amen.

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