Daily Devotion, July 31 - ThanksLiving

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion: July 31, 2020
Reading: Colossians 1:1-14


Thank you…two simple words that most are taught to say when someone does something to you or for you as a way to let the person know that you acknowledge their goodness and that you are very grateful for it. When we pray, we often may begin our prayers with words of thanksgiving to the Lord for the many ways that God provides for us. Many times, we thank God for the many tangible provisions God makes available to us but there are many intangible provisions that we might overlook as we give thanks to God.

Some of God’s intangible provisions for us include knowledge, wisdom and understanding of God’s will; the ability to tap into God’s strength and power; endurance; patience; promised inheritance of the kingdom of light; and being rescued and redeemed from sin and shame. Right now, we cannot see any of these provisions, but we experience peace, hope and faith because of them. We certainly should verbalize and raise our praises to God for all of the many ways, tangible and intangible, that he provides for us. But we should also express our thanks through the way we live our lives as well. In Colossians 1:1-14, Paul reminds us to express our gratitude to God for these intangible provisions by living a worthy life, by pleasing God in every way, by bearing fruit, growing in knowledge, and by being strengthened with all power that comes from God. In other words, the more we live a life of prayer, worship, study of God’s Word, serving others and teaching and sharing Jesus with others, we will reap these intangible provisions from God. It is a continuous cycle --- God provides and in return we live thankfully not just with our words but with our actions.

God is the great provider, not just of the things we can see such as food, shelter, clothing, etc. but also of many intangible gifts that move us to live lives of gratitude and thanksgiving. He also promises us to be heirs of a kingdom of light. God waits in return for our worshipful gratitude that includes both words and living a life that reflects thanksgiving and fulfills the ministries to which we have each been called.

Dear God, thank you for your intangible, great gifts as well as those things that we can see and touch. Help us to understand that you have provided us with these gifts that we might better understand the relationship between saying thank you and living our lives which reflect our deep thanks for all Christ has done for us. We ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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