Daily Devotion, July 28 - God Hears Our Grumbling

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion: July 28, 2020
Reading: Exodus 16:1-21
God Hears Our Grumbling

Last night I found myself in a good old fashion bad mood. Not sure why or how it came about but I was initially by myself and just grumbling away.  My daughter called and then I grumbled to her. What was I grumbling about?... the circumstances we find ourselves in right now with all the divisiveness and all the political maneuvers and social distancing and the list goes on and on about all that I could possibly find wrong with where we are right now as we face two major issues: corona virus and a fractured country. When is it going to end, dear God? I want to go back to the way it was before, even if it was imperfect.

This is exactly what the people of Israel were doing in the Scripture reading for today. They were having a good old fashion grumbling session with their leaders which turned into a grumbling session with God. Evidently, they felt their circumstances were so terrible, they told their leaders they would rather go back and die in Egypt as slaves because at least they could sit around the fire and eat from the pots of food there. Well, the Lord heard their grumbling and complaining and instead of him telling Moses to tell them to quit their belly aching, he said he would "rain down bread" and provide them with meat (quail) and gave them very specific instructions about what days and times to gather it, even allowing for instructions that included a day of rest. . Yet, the Egyptians felt that it would be better to be slaves to the Egyptians that it would be to have the freedom God provides and deal with a little bit of hungry. Despite their doubts, God not only provided their needs but ensured these needs were met one day at a time. We are reminded of this great,daily provision from God each time we pray the Lord’s prayer and ask God to “give us this day our daily bread”. But do we believe that God is going to follow through? Do we grumble as the Israelites did when we do not have our every need met right when we think it should be met? Or do we place our complete faith and trust in God? Do we genuinely believe that God can meet our daily needs?

Hear this good news…God hears and responds to our grumbling, even when we express doubt that God will provides ALL we need to be sustained physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Last night, I was grumbling about things much less significant than the basic need of having enough food to eat. Don’t get me wrong…what is going on in our country is significant and worthy of our prayers, but all my grumbling will not fix it. But I trust in God who does provide our every need if we believe God is faithful to deliver. While God hears our grumbling and responds, grumbling is not what brings about positive change in negative situations. Faith and trust in God who is big enough to handle all our problems is the only answer that can truly turn our bad situations and circumstances around. Are we truly putting our complete trust and faith in God, and praying for God to intervene, believing that God can turn things around? Or are we just grumbling? Let us take some time to think about our conversations and our grumbling and ask ourselves if we have first prayed about our concerns with a God who truly does care and provide for us. God does hear our grumbling and is the first One we need to go to with our concerns!

Dear God, thank you for being a Great Provider even though we grumble rather than express our complete trust in you to deliver. Help us to truly trust you with every aspect of our lives and know that you are faithful and just and loving and all powerful to turn around all situations and circumstances.   Give us peaceful and grateful hearts for all that you have already done and all that you are about to do in our lives as we go through these difficult times.  We ask this in the name of the One who hears our grumbles and responds with grace, your Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

  July 2021  
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