Daily Devotion, July 24, In Fellowship with Jesus

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – July 24, 2020
Reading: 1 Corinthians 1:1-9
In Fellowship with Jesus

The gift of a hand-written letter or note is rare these days. Texting and FB have replaced reaching out to people face to face, voice to voice or through the gift of a good old-fashioned hand-written note. One of Paul’s gifts to the churches he planted was staying in touch through letters. He always began his letters with an extension of grace and peace followed by telling the recipients of the letters who were leaders of the churches how thankful to God he is for them because of the evidence of grace he sees in them. And mostly encouraging them to be in fellowship with Jesus.

In today’s passage he acknowledges the special gifts of speech and knowledge which serve as evidence that Christ is among the Church of Corinth; they have all they need to carry out ministries in their church and community. His letter encourages and assures them that God will keep them steadfast in their faith so that they will be able to stand before Jesus Christ blameless. The key verse of this whole passage is verse 9 reminding the Church of Corinth that God is faithful and has called this church to be in fellowship with God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

In this passage we are reminded of the importance of encouragement of one another as fellow Christians and of the faithfulness of God to equip and empower us through the Holy Spirit. Moreover, God has called us to be in fellowship with God’s very Son, Jesus Christ. How does this change the way you view yourself as a Christian? We often think of our fellowship being with our church family but the first relationship we enter into is with Christ. Evidently, the people of Corinth understood this, and Paul is encouraging them and giving thanks to God for them and the ways they are revealing evidence of the fellowship they have with Jesus. What are the ways that we fellowship with Christ in our places of worship? Are we focused on that relationship first and foremost? Paul reminds us that all other relationships in the church are enriched and blessed when we place our fellowship with the Lord first.

Dear God, thank you for Jesus and for the ways that we have been enriched in our lives and our communities of faith through the spiritual gifts you have given us so that Christ can be revealed. Help us to acknowledge your faithfulness to us and to understand that you have first and foremost called us to be in fellowship with your Son, Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray. Amen.

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