Daily Devotion, July 15 - Patience in Misery

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion, July 15, 2020
Reading: Micah 7
Patience in Misery

In case you have not yet noticed, this week’s theme is about having patience in different situations and circumstances. So far, we have learned about waiting in forgiveness and while we realize God has forgiven us, we are still dealing with residual self-imposed disgrace as God restores us to experiencing his grace again. Yesterday we learned about being patient as we maintain a state of readiness for the Lord to return. Today we turn our attention to having patience in misery. Misery is an unbearable feeling of extreme unhappiness. You know that feeling… when no one can do anything to please you. Sometimes we just have to work our way through it. Well today’s passage is about an entire group of people, God’s people, who are in a state of misery because there are no faithful people around; all people who remain are evil; they conspire against one another and even dishonor their own parents. Just miserable.

But then the writer, Micah, reflects on the Lord and how the Lord will rise up his people again, will bring them out of darkness into the light, and will help them as they rebuild. Micah concludes this passage with prayer and praise. He prays that the Lord will shepherd and care for the people whom he brought out of Egypt. He has not abandoned them in their time of sin but will deliver them from the darkness and will nurture and care for them. They will again fear the Lord, recognizing how awesome and forgiving God is. God is forgiving and does not remain angry with us when we turn back to God in our misery. Micah prays and affirms his faith in God to restore the people of Israel. Micah concludes this prayer with praise for God’s compassion, faithfulness and kept promises.

Micah’s words and prayer reminds us that even in the midst of our misery as a divided and socially distant country who are experiencing sickness and social unrest, God is present with us. We need only to pray to God asking God to deliver us out of this darkness and into the light again. As we wait in misery, we can find assurance and comfort knowing that God is faithful and forgiving and full of compassion. Let us pray together now.

Dear God, thank You for Your Word which is full of stories and illustrations of how we get ourselves into these miserable circumstances; yet in the midst of this misery, you are there for us waiting for us to again turn to you and rely on you. You are there to raise us up and lift us up out of the darkness and restore us to light. Help us to embrace the power of prayer and turn all our concerns and misery over to you and rely on you to bring us back into your light as individuals, as the church, as a nation and as Your people. In Jesus’s name we pray. Amen.

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