Daily Devotion, July 14 - Patience in Readiness

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion: July 14, 2020
Reading: Luke 12:35-40
Patience in Readiness

In1986, I entered the Air Force as a Medical Service Officer, also known as a health care administrator. Thank goodness, my first job did not carry with it combat duties although I was required to go through Combat Medical Readiness Training (CMRT) in the event there was a conflict. But what were the chances of that…right? In 1989, I was reassigned to an Air Evacuation Detachment Unit and in 1990, Operation Desert Shield/Storm took place. Although I never deployed to a combat area my unit was the receiving port of entry for all returning wounded service persons; reservists were called to active duty to double the staff at my unit. Thankfully, between CMRT and the continuous training we gained carrying out our day to day duties during peace time, our unit was alert and prepared although we never knew exactly when, where or how many air evac missions would be coming in from one day to the next. We were ready!

While I certainly do not intend to compare our spiritual readiness with combat readiness, there are some similarities that help illustrate the message from Luke 12:35-40. Jesus has just finished telling his disciples to seek the Father’s Kingdom and transitions to inform them about the need to be ready for service so that when the Lord returns God’s people will be ready to open the door. When Jesus returns he will make note of those who have actively anticipated and are ready to serve him and it says that Jesus will serve those who are prepared and alert at all times, even though we never know when Jesus might return. Therefore, we must live every day and every hour with this sense of expectancy that today could be the day the Lord will return.  We must be alert and ready for his return.

Are we ready while we patiently wait for Jesus? We really do not know what to expect other than that no one will know the exact time and hour of the Lord’s return and that we are to be ready, expectant, and alert. Is your house in order? If we think about it, God’s presence is with us through the Holy Spirit whom Jesus left to reside within us. Our bodies are the Spirit’s home. So how are we preparing ourselves daily for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit? Are our day to day practices preparing a nice place for the Holy Spirit to dwell in day in and day out? Are we praying, studying God’s Word, utilizing our gifts to serve others, and creating a worshipful space for God within our bodies? We need to always be ready for the presence of God because the Spirit resides within those who have received and accepted the gift of God’s grace… how alert and ready are we? Let’s commit to always be ready!

Dear God, we thank you for sending us Jesus to give us parables and stories such as the one we find in Luke 12:35-40. Helps us to always have our house in good order for your Holy Spirit to indwell within us and to also be prepared for you Son, Jesus, to come again. In Jesus’s name we pray. Amen.

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