Daily Devotion, July 13 - Waiting in Forgiveness - Residual Disgrace

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion July 13, 2020
Reading: Psalm 25
Patience in Forgiveness: Residual Disgrace

As a child I remember my brother, sister and I being taught about asking God to forgive us when we did something wrong. While I do not remember specifically how or when I learned this, I was taught that if I did something which I knew to be wrong, I was to very quickly say, “Forgive me, God”. As I look back on this, I am thankful my parents taught us to be mindful of sin at an early age but more importantly to be fully aware of the forgiving mercy of God. Sometimes we may ask God to forgive us, and God does indeed forgive us, but perhaps we have a hard time forgiving ourselves and moving on.

In today’s reading from Psalm 25, we hear King David’s lament as he seeks forgiveness and waits for residual disgrace to subside. The bottom line is that God’s forgiveness is instant; however, the process that we go through to forgive ourselves and move on is not necessarily instant. In Psalm 25, David shares his process for moving on in forgiving himself. He laments and grieves over his sin and asks God, to remove the shame as he faithfully waits on God and places his hope in the Lord. He also asks God to show and teach him the ways of the Lord, to enter into his life and to help him focus on the very character of God so that he might live a more sinless life (vv. 1-10). In this lament, we can envision David as he begins to experience renewal acknowledging again his continual need for forgiveness, his appeal to not be ashamed before his enemies and concludes with a prayer for the people he leads, God’s people -- Israel.

Although we know God is faithful to forgive us for our sins, we are not always faithful in forgiving ourselves. If you are struggling with a past sin, consider following the pattern of David’s lament in Psalm 25… ask God to remove the shame of sin, to show and teach you the ways of God and to help you feel God’s presence in your life so that you might better focus on the very character of God and be renewed to go forward, carrying out God’s perfect will in your life. Let us pray for God to give us patience in the process of forgiving ourselves.

Dear God, we thank you for your servant, David, who was a person after your own heart. Helps us to follow the process David uses throughout the Psalms as he deals with residual disgrace for and he laments over his past sins while realizing that your mercy and forgiveness are immediate. Help us to wait throughout the forgivness process, to  accept the fact that we have been redeemed, to let go of the residual disgrace we feel and to find renewal in the hope we have in Your faithfulness to forgive us. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

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