Daily Devotion, August 20, 2020 - Son of David

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion, August 20, 2020
Matthew 9:18-31
Weekly Theme: Who Do You Say I Am?
The Son of David

Today is my parents 65th wedding anniversary; the were married for 44 years when my Dad died in 2000. People who have known me for a while, know me as the daughter of Carroll and Mary Campbell Spence and with that comes some certain assumptions. They both were devout Christians, hard workers and great parents who had a great marriage. Because I am their daughter, people assume that I am like them, and I certainly do try to be like them.

In Matthew 9:27, Jesus is referred to as the Son of David by two men who are blind and ask Jesus to have mercy on them. This tells this one very important piece of information: Jesus is the Messiah! The word messiah means the promised or chosen one. The Greek equivalent to this word is Christos, in English, Christ. Jesus Christ is Jesus the Messiah who was promised to come from the lineage of David and as the Messiah is expected to deliver and redeem all people. In Matthew 9:18-31, we see three different ways that Jesus delivered three people: Jesus raises the daughter of the synagogue leader from the dead; while he is on his way to do that, an unclean woman who has been hemorrhaging for years touches the hem of his coat and because of her show of faith, he heals her and delivers her from years of social isolation because of her condition; and he restored the sight of the two blind men who ask him, as the Son of David, to have mercy on them.

Jesus as the Son of David, the Messiah, in his 33 years on earth and in his three years of ministry with the disciples, certainly lived up to the many implications that go with that name. Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do you say I am?” as is reported in three of the gospels (Matthew 16-13-16, Mark 27-29, and Luke 19:18-20). Jesus, as the Son of David, is the one who resurrects and gives new life, who heals the unclean, who hears the cry of the faithful and shows mercy and compassion. These are all the expectations that were prophesied in the Old Testament and he certainly lived up to them as the Son of David, our Messiah, who came to rescue and deliver us. As Christians, what steps are we taking to follow Jesus and to minister to those in need in our churches, our communities and in the world in which we live. Are we living up to our role as the sons and daughters of God, co-heirs to the throne with Jesus?

Dear God, thank you for sending us the Promised One, the Son of David, the Messiah, Jesus the Christ! Thank you for showing us Your Nature through Jesus and for the sacrifice he made by Your grace, to save and redeem us! Thank you for his example of loving, healing and caring! And have mercy on us and help us to live up to our name as Your children and to do as you expect us to do; to walk humbly, show mercy and do justice as Jesus did. And it is in His name we now pray. Amen.

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