Daily Devotion - September 21, 2020 - Through Unlikely Means

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – September 21, 2020
Reading: 1 Kings 17
Weekly Theme: God Provides Our Every Need
Today: Through Unlikely Means

One day I walked into my former church where I worked daily as the youth director. For some reason (most likely Satan himself), I was in a season of doubt and drought and on this particular day, I was really struggling. The administrative person in our office needed to run an errand and asked me if I would keep an eye on the office while she was gone. While I was in the office, a woman stopped in, dressed in “walking clothes” and carrying a back pack. She quickly explained that she was on a journey from her home in Pennsylvania with a goal of going as far south as she could make it before calling her family to come pick her up. She asked for nothing but a cup of water and asked if she could play the piano in the fellowship hall. Two requests that seemed easy enough to fulfill. She sat and played for a while and I happened to hear her and drew a little closer to listen. She wasn’t an incredibly gifted singer or pianist but there was something so peaceful about her presence and the way that she seemed to be content simply by being provided with a cup of water and the opportunity to play and sing. She asked if I could give her a ride to the other side of town to get her a little closer to her destination for that day which was about a 15-mile walk. I gave her a ride and she was so grateful for the water and the opportunity to rest, play the piano and worship God. I thanked her for giving such a witness of faith; taking each step of her journey knowing God provides every step of the way.

That is the lesson Elijah shows us in 1 Kings 17. He has just been told by God that there will be a drought and tells King Ahab about the drought. There would be no rain, not even any dew, unless at the word of Elijah, God’s servant for the next few years. After passing this information on to Ahab and at God’s direction, Elijah sets out on a journey eastward. God has promised to provide water and food, promising that ravens will bring him bread and meat and he will find water in a brook. The brook dried up so Elijah, again at God’s direction, journeyed to another region and stayed there. As he approached the area, he saw a woman gathering sticks and told her that if she would provide him with a piece of bread and some water, that she her and her son’s needs would be met. At his direction, she made Elijah bread and gave it to him with some water. Because she put Elijah first, her jug of water would never run dry and her jar of flour would not be used up. God had provided because she trusted God. But then her son fell ill, and she questioned whether Elijah’s presence had caused this to happen. Elijah prayed over her son and stretched himself out over him three times and he was provided. Elijah was blessed by the woman; the woman was blessed by Elijah but the bottom line is God was behind it, in front of it and right in the middle of it all along.

And that is what happened to me the day the lady with the back pack stopped by my church and asked for water. She had a need and God met her need. I didn’t know her and I could have let fear take over and not been hospitable. But this much I know… through her visit and her presence, I felt God’s presence in the middle of a spiritual drought. I was blessed in immeasurable ways by her calm, sweet and assuring presence. God provides for us in the middle of the drought if we put our faith and trust in God and look for the unlikely ways that God has provided for us in the past and for the way he will provide for each of us this very day.

Dear God, thank you for being the Great Provider… for always showing up to get us through the dry spells in our lives… and in the most unlikely ways. Help us to open our eyes, hearts and minds so that we might recognize you in the events and people that you place in our lives and as we read your Word each day. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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