Daily Devotion - October 5, 2020 - God Friends Us

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – October 5, 2020
Exodus 3:7-22
Weekly Theme: A Friend of Souls
Today: God Friends Us

Who is your best friend? That one being who is always there for you. Hopefully, you have friends on earth…but God is our BEST friend. Imagine friendship with God. That’s right… in addition to all the roles that the Almighty plays in our lives as Creator, Deliverer, and Redeemer … the one role we often have a hard time wrapping our head around is the role of Friend. When Jesus ascended into heaven, God left us with the Holy Spirit who advocates for us and enlightens us to the presence of God who is all around us in the ordinary things of life. Yes, God is our friend.

In Exodus 3:7-22, Moses recounts the story of how God called him to lead God’s people out of Egypt and towards the Promised Land. We see a perfect example of how it is that we, too, can experience the friendship of God, beginning with the reality that God sees our suffering and hears our cries. Not only does he see and hear our pain, but God also saves us and rescues us from the pain and suffering we experience in this life. We might still be amid suffering and crying but only God can provide us with peace that passes all understanding. God also recognizes our internal need to serve and gives us a big nudge to go and help others…God sends us to help and serve others. God is with us as we carry out God’s work and gives us exactly what we need to respond to the suffering of others. As we help others in need and at times feel inadequate and unqualified, God reminds us that our help comes from the Lord. In other words, God takes care of the heavy lifting. If we put our faith and trust in God and are willing to serve God by serving others, then God is going to give us exactly what we need to help others and glorify God’s name. God was a true friend to Moses as he led God’s children out of Egypt toward the Promised Land.

If we want to be a true, godly friend we need to follow the example God gives us in his interactions with Moses. Remember that God does not call us to do something and then not empower us to carry out the task we have been called to carry out. God shows us love and friendship by giving us exactly what we need to carry out God’s work and help others in their faith journey. Shouldn’t we do the same as we disciple and encourage one another?

How is God calling you and what is God calling you to do it? How is God equipping you to do exactly what God would have you do? God gives us exactly what we need to carry out the special tasks God has given and gifts us with exactly what we need to do exactly what God wants us to do. God is a friend and wants us to experience that special “zone of anointing” when we are using all God has given and equipped us with to serve others and glorify God’s name. When we know that we are doing exactly what God wants us to, we are anointed with blessings like we have never experienced before. Won’t you accept God’s call to serve and love others and also equip them to love and serve God?

Dear God, thank you for being our friend who wants to complete and perfect us. Only you know exactly what you have gifted us with and wait for us to respond with confidence that you will give us exactly what we need. Help us to be mindful of your presence and your desire to be not only our Creator, Deliverer, Redeemer…but also Our Friend. In Jesus’ name Amen.

  July 2021  
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