Daily Devotion - October 28 - Was Blind But Now I See

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – October 28, 2020
John 9
Weekly Theme: God Can Change Lives
Today: Was Blind, but Now I See

There are many people, who are raised by Christian parents and came to know Christ in a very personal and relational way at an early age. For these Christians, they may sometimes have difficulty describing or identifying a specific day in which they said “yes” to Christ. I was six years old when I came to know Christ and acknowledge this time as when I experienced the justifying grace of God, although I did not fully understand what that meant. That said, there have been times since then when I have momentarily turned away from my faith, have drifted away from God and then had a revelation that helped me clearly see God at work in my life again. These were times of spiritual blindness during which God restored my sight so that I could see God’s work in my life more clearly. Today’s story in John 9 reminds us that God is engaged in our lives but does not force himself upon us.

There was a blind man whom Jesus passed by and his disciples asked if the man was blind because of his parents’ sin or because of his own sin. Jesus tells them that the man is not blind because of his or his parents’ sin but rather is blind so that the works of God can be revealed through Jesus, God in the flesh. Then Jesus heals the blind man by spitting on the ground, creating a muddy mixture which he placed on the man’s eyes and then instructs the man to go bathe in the pool of the Siloam. The man did as he was told and could see. There were people who saw the man who was blind and could tell that he could now see. They questioned him to confirm his identity, asking him if he was once blind. He confirmed that he was the once-blind man and tells them what Jesus did.

The Pharisees and other Jews “got wind” of this and get caught up in the legalism of “this man” (Jesus) healing on the Sabbath day. They question the man about the healer’s (Jesus) identity and the man identifies him as a prophet because he does not know Jesus is the Messiah. They did not believe the man so they went to talk to his parents who were indifferent. They admit their once blind son is now able to see but do wash their hands of any information about the man who healed him. The Pharisees and other Jews then go back to the man and try to get him to give God the glory and denounce this Man (Jesus). The man’s simple reply is this, “I do not know if this man is a sinner or not, but this I do know; I was blind but now I see.” The man again verifies what Jesus did to give him sight and with that they reviled him and after he continues to defend and witness about how Jesus changed his life and restored his sight, they cast him out.

Jesus heard about the man’s fate and found him and asked him if he believes in the Son of God. The man asks Jesus who the Son of God is so that he can believe in Him. Jesus is essence says, “You’re talking to him”. The man exclaims his belief in Jesus and worships him. Jesus then teaches the man that he has come to save those who cannot see and teaches him that those who can physically see may be spiritual. The Pharisees hear these words and said to Jesus, “Are we blind also?”, to which Jesus says, “…your sin remains”.

This story reveals how God (Jesus) can change lives to those who acknowledge their need for God. For those who see God but reject God as did the Pharisees and Jews, God does not force himself upon them. They have chosen not to allow Jesus to heal their spiritual blindness and have continued to try to live a life that is driven by legalism rather than the Spirit of God. Are you and I open to the way that God is trying to give us sight and insight in our lives? Are we, like the blind man in this story, bold in sharing how God has changed us? Are we indifferent like the blind man’s parent and ashamed to acknowledge that God changes things? Or are we like the Pharisees, judging of others based on a faith that is driven by laws rather than a relationship with Christ?

Dear God, thank you so much for being an interactive, involved, all powerful and always present God who responds to our needs and changes our lives through prayer. Help us to recognize you and to bear witness to the way you change us and restore us physically, mentally, and most importantly, spiritually; help us to acknowledge how you restore our spiritual sight so that we may clearly see your Son, as Lord and Savior, and how your Holy Spirit continuously changes us so that we might see your perfect will for our lives. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

  August 2021  
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