Daily Devotion - October 1, 2020 - Being Faithful

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – October 1, 2020
2 Timothy 2:1-13
Weekly Theme: Faithfulness
Today: Being Faithful

As Christians, we commit to be faithful followers of Christ. It is God’s grace that redeems us but to follow Christ, involves commitment to Christ, just as we are committed to the people in our lives. In fact, our number one commitment as Christians should be to Christ. Within the church, we talk about being faithful followers frequently but what are we doing to be faithful followers of Christ?

The apostle Paul was a great mentor for the young apostle, Timothy, and in his second letter to Timothy appeals to him about what it means to be faithful. In other words, what does it take to reach the state of being we call faithfulness?

As disciples of Jesus, we like Timothy, should heed the advice of the great apostle Paul and be strong in the grace that we see in the life of Jesus Christ and share that grace and entrust it to reliable people so that they can teach others. In other words, be a disciple who make disciples. Be aware that being a faithful disciple is going to involve some suffering for the sake of the gospel. Make it your goal to please your “commanding officer”… that is, your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, instead of getting wrapped up in the pettiness of the things of this world. Live a disciplined life, as an athlete does, running the race of life according to the rules that will lead to strength as a disciple of Christ. Be confident in the insight you will receive from the Lord, through prayer, studying God’s Word and living in fellowship with other believers. Paul then reminds Timothy to keep the main thing…the main thing…remember the message of the gospel…Jesus Christ was raised from the dead and descended from David. This gospel message is worth suffering for, even to the point of imprisonment. Although Paul, wrote many of his letters from prison he was able to endure everything, for the sake of sharing the gospel with those who God prepares to receive the grace of Jesus Christ and those who are willing to receive that grace.

These 10 aspects of being faithful, by the grace of God, will lead us to the state of faithfulness. The great news is that we are not in this faithful journey alone; Christ remains faithful even in our moments of being faithless for he will not disown his own body, the body of Christ.

Dear God, thank you so much for the teaching of your servant, the apostle Paul. Thank you for his lesson to Timothy that still speaks to us today as disciples who desire to press on in faithfulness, realizing that you are the source of all that is good. Help us to open our hearts and minds to your leading and calling of us to be your faithful servants. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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