Daily Devotion - October 19, 2020 - A Contrite Heart

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – October 19, 2020
Reading: Isaiah 57:14-21
Weekly Theme: True Humility
Today: A Contrite Spirit

If you are watching the news these days, especially news related to upcoming elections, there is one key ingredient missing … a contrite spirit. Without going any further into politics, there seems to be no humility, no real admission of failures… only a touting and espousing of all the good deeds that various politicians at all levels of government have accomplished in their lives.

Today’s passage reminds us that God loves a contrite and lowly spirit and that in the high and holy place of God (God’s kingdom or heaven), there is revival of the heart and spirit of the lowly and contrite. What does that word contrite mean? It is a feeling or expression of remorse or penitence… heaven is a place where people live who have acknowledged their need for God’s forgiveness and accepted God’s Son Jesus as Lord of their life and Savior of their soul; this acknowledgement come from a contrite Spirit. This does not mean that God wants us to never be happy or blessed again. God wants to offer peace and assurance to those who are contrite and wants to heal, guide and comfort them, and create praise on their lips and bring peace to their lives. This is what God wants to do now in the life of those who have acknowledged God’s love and forgiveness as displayed through the life of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, and have also received God’s gift of grace, through the death and resurrection of Jesus. God wants us to have peace now as well as to experience eternal praise and peace.

While the news may be full of stories of unpleasant discourse, filled with boastful touts of how much greater each politician is when compared to his or her opponent, let us keep in mind that God loves a contrite spirit and desires for us to walk in humility. Let us be a beacon of hope during this time of national divisiveness and show others what it means to be humble in Spirit. Let us not get caught up in the heated debates but instead choose to show others the love, peace, hope and joy of having Christ in our lives.

Dear God, we thank you for the hopeful messages found in the book of Isaiah. Help us to be your humble servants who share and spread a message of hope in a tired and weary land. Help us to pray during these difficult times and to place our trust in you instead of people and institutions. But let us not forget to pray for those who are our leaders, or leaders to be, that they might turn to you for guidance and that you might give them contrite and humble spirits. We pray this in the name of the One who showed us this Spirit, your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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