Daily Devotion - November 25 - The Lord Who Testifies to Truth

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – November 25, 2020
John 18:33-37
Weekly Theme: The Lord is Coming
Today: The Lord Who Testifies to Truth

It is Advent and we celebrate the coming of Jesus, who is both Lord and King. Jesus is both Lord and King. God gave him authority as the King of all Kings but he is also the Lord, which is a title of nobility for exclusive power and control of a territory given by a King or by religious authorities. In today’s passage, Jesus has been brought before Pilate because the Jews say that he is claiming to be the King. Jesus makes it clear that he is not a king of this world and his kingdom is not of this world. That said, we are to still participate in building a kingdom like Jesus on earth as it is in heaven.

God has given Jesus the title of Lord because Jesus has been sent to testify to the truth and those who are for the Truth or of God will listen to the voice of Jesus. If to be “Lord” is to have control and power over a territory, Jesus states his “territory” and purpose clear. His purpose for coming to earth is to reveal the truth. To show the world, then and now, the true nature and ways of God the Father. The truth is that God loved the world so much that he gave up his Son, Jesus, the Lord and King, to come to earth, to take up the cross, to die for our sins and to be raised to new life so that we might have a life free from the guilt and shame of sin and that we might in turn live into a life of truth. The simple truth for the Christian is that Jesus is Lord of their life who is the source of Truth and Truth itself. In short, we find truth through a relationship with God through his Son, Jesus Christ.

There are a lot of people in this world who say that truth is relative and from the human perspective that is correct. Everybody’s idea of what truth is varies, even among Christians. But as Christians the source from whom we seek the truth should not vary. Our source should be Jesus and the recorded word of how Jesus revealed to us the very nature of God and God’s kingdom. The best account for the life of Jesus Christ is the gospel. These are a gift of four different encounters of life with Christ authored by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and are rich with information about the nature of Jesus as Lord. Jesus, the Lord, is not some power hungry control freak but is rather a Lord who illustrates what it means to be a humble, servant leader; who teaches others, heals the sick and hurting, walks and talks with sinners in an effort to “meet them where they are”, understand their issues and encourage them to turn away from their sin and begin a new life in Christ. Then, Jesus, the Lord, imparts on them the gift of the Holy Spirit who inspires them to change from a life of sin, guilt, and shame to one of freedom, peace, hope, love and joy. That is just the kind of Lord that Jesus is!

Dear God, we thank you that Jesus is Lord of our life. We thank you that through Jesus, the gap between us and You, created by sin, O God, has been closed, and we are able to experience your very presence with us. Help us to yield to the perfect Truth the Lord has given us through your Holy Word, that we might live a more complete life. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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