Daily Devotion - November 19, 2020 - A King Who Rides a Donkey

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – November 19, 2020
Luke 19:28-40
Weekly Theme: Christ the King
Today: A King Who Rides a Donkey

My husband and I have a friend who used to have a donkey. The donkey’s name was Donk. We used to visit with our friend when our children were young and our friend would let them ride Donk. Our friend also had other horses that were much more attractive and seemed to have a smoother ride but Donk was who my kids liked to ride. Donkeys, unlike horses, are not known for their beauty. They are stereotyped as unattractive, stubborn, not very smart but strong work horses. Yet Christ the King, chose a donkey to ride triumphantly into Jerusalem as the King of the Jews, although many Jews denied him as King. Why did Jesus choose the donkey?

Jesus chose the donkey to fulfill prophesy from Zechariah 9:9 which says that the king of Jerusalem will come riding in on a donkey, righteous, victorious, and lowly. Jesus also rode the donkey because he was humble.  He was able to balance being righteous, holy and victorious over sin with humility. Kings would ride into places and spaces on horses if they were getting ready to go into battle, but if someone rode into town on a donkey it was a symbol of peace. Jesus also rode in on a donkey to connect with the common people. The donkey was a working animal used by common, everyday hard-working people. That is just the kind of King Jesus was and still is... the kind of King who fulfills prophesy, shows humanity how to balance righteousness, holiness and victory with humility, and also the kind of King who desires to relate with the common people. Jesus is the kind of King who acknowledged God as Father and worthy of praise that cannot be squelched even if humans remain silent, as the stones cry out in praise. Not even the sanctimonious Pharisees could squelch praise to Christ the King.

Do we have the humility and peace and desire to associate with all people, regardless of status? Would we have chosen to ride in on a lowly donkey instead of fine-looking, well-groomed horse? Would we reflect humility, love, and openness? If we are truly like Jesus, then we should consider whether we are living our life in a way that reflects balance of righteousness, holiness, and victory over sin, with a healthy portion of humility. Our king is the kind of king who chose a donkey for his triumphant entry and thus reflects that he is a king who comes victorious in peace, for all people.

Dear God, we thank you for your humble servant and our King, Jesus Christ. We thank you that Jesus’ was not like any other King. He was the kind of King who hand-picked a donkey to ride into Jerusalem so that prophesy would be fulfilled, that your will would be done and that we might be saved and redeemed by his blood. Help us to show that same kind of humility, love and acceptance for others, and peace that Jesus showed in his time on earth. In his name we pray, Amen.

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