Daily Devotion - November 16, 2020 - Come and See

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – November 16, 2020
John 1:43-51
Weekly Theme: Christ the King
Today: Come and See

In a recent sermon as well as in some recent devotions, I have referenced some negative connotations with the word “kingdom” when referring to the kingdom of God. Kingdom implies many different things to many different people. The variety of associations with the word kingdom to many people may connote such negative notions as classism, elitism, suppression, and oppression. These associations are obviously not the image that God intends to confer in Scripture. Jesus spends a good amount of his time on earth with his disciples explaining what the kingdom of God is like. There is one simple difference between God’s kingdom and those notions we have of kingdoms based on earthly examples...that difference is that God’s kingdom is “of God”. God’s kingdom as described to us by Jesus throughout the gospel is one in which all people are invited to come and see.

There are many ways that Jesus Christ the King is different than earthly kings as revealed in today’s passage. Firstly, Jesus was from Galilee, not exactly the kind of place where a king is born and raised. Moreover, the primary focus of Jesus the King, who was promised by the prophets of the Old Testament was to give hope...not the wishful thinking kind of hope, but the assuring kind of hope. In this story Philip invites Nathanael to “come and see” Jesus and before they are formally introduced Jesus indicates that he knows Nathanael to be a “true Israelite who is not deceitful”. Jesus is not some distant King who does not want to concern himself with common people; Jesus knows and cares about those he came to save as evidenced by his acts of healing, redeeming and loving all people while he was on earth and as he continues to do as he sits right next to God the Father. Jesus sees people as they are and wants people to see him for who he is. He is the promised Messiah, the King of Kings, above all kings and the one who came to save us with the amazing grace of God. In this passage, Jesus promises Nathanael that he will see even greater things than Jesus simply knowing his name even before Philip invited him to come and see Jesus. Jesus is trying to convey to Nathanael that he is going to see even greater things as Jesus begins his ministry of healing and helping the oppressed and those whom others have called “less than”. Jesus will invoke his divine intervention to show the type of people he calls into his kingdom through ministries of healing, forgiving, teaching, resurrecting and redeeming those others may have snubbed and criticized and put down.

Jesus invited Nathanael to journey with him and to see and experience Jesus as he opens up the heavens and is witness to angels ascending and descending upon Jesus Christ, the King of Kings. Jesus refers to himself as the Son of Man to convey that he is the one invested with divine authority to rule the earth. That said, the type of rule that Jesus will invoke will be fair, just, right and equal to all those who receive and accept him and seek to be in relationship with him and live in peace and harmony with one another. This is not a kingdom lead by an aloof leader but rather is a kingdom ruled by a servant leader who wants to be in an intimate relationship with all who desire to follow him. God’s kingdom is not a kingdom of oppression or suppression but is one that promotes love, joy, peace, and hope. As we begin to prepare our hearts for Advent and Christmas, and continuously prepare our hearts for Christ to come again, have you excepted the invitation from Christ to come and see what he has in store for you? Think about it.

Dear God, thank you for a king who invites us to come and see and experience him and to be in a relationship with him. Thank you for your Son, Jesus, the King of Kings, who was a humble servant, who showed mercy and compassion and whose ministry was to all people. Help us to acknowledge that he seeks to be in relationship with us, to save us from ourselves and to send us forward to share the good news of his kingdom which has no end. In the mighty name of Jesus’ the King we pray. Amen.

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