Daily Devotion - March 4, 2021 - Believe and Never Thirst

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – March 4, 2021
Reading: John 6:22-40
Weekly Theme: Thirsting for God
Today: Believe and Never Thirst

I remember having to be told the same thing over and over as a child before I believed it to be true. My parents would try to teach me right from wrong, but I just did not seem to believe them. I typically had to find things out the hard way. Despite what my parents told me, I had to test things for myself and even tried to challenge them a few times, but they did not let me get by with it. Over time, I began to believe them when they gave me life advice.

In today’s passage Jesus questions the crowd who were looking for him… those who asked him “When did you get here”? Jesus tells them that they are not looking for him because they saw the signs but because they ate the loaves and were filled. In other words, they are willing to receive Jesus because he fed them with loaves of bread and satisfied their physical needs but not because he offers them something that is eternal and lasts much longer than a piece or two of bread and a cup of water. The bread of heaven and the living, everlasting water that Jesus gives us is not of the earth but is of heaven; that is, the water and food God offers satisfies us eternally and not just physically for a short period of time. Jesus is very direct in getting to the point of what he is telling this crowd. He says in verse 38, “But as I have told you, you’ve seen me, and yet you do not believe”. Two things are necessary to please, or do the will of, the Father and have eternal life: to see Jesus and to believe him as the One who can satisfy your hunger and your thirst, not just today, but every day. When God sees a person, who believes in God and in his Son, Jesus, God gives that person to Jesus as a gift. If you truly come to Jesus Christ, you are promised to have your spiritual thirst (and hunger) eternally quenched.

What does it take to obtain eternal life? Belief in God’s Son, Jesus. You may say, “Well, that seems simple enough. I can believe in Jesus.” But do you really believe that he is the true bread from heaven and the true living water, who can satisfy your spiritual hunger and thirst each and every day, and for eternity? Do you display your trust in him through prayer and reading Scripture and then listening to how he speaks to you?  Do you trust him enought to acknowledge his presence as you worship not just on Sundays, but every day; and do you show your belief  in Jesus by  loving him and serving others? These are all evidence that you are grateful to God for the gift of daily, eternal love and grace made possible through the gift of his Son, Jesus, who came to die for our sins and be raised to new life so that we might be eternally satisfied. Believe and you will not ever be thirsty again.

Dear God, thank you for quenching our thirst through your Son Jesus Christ. Help us to not love Jesus for meeting our physical needs but to respond to your gift of Jesus by believing in him and in you, God Almighty, and in your Holy Spirit as the source of eternal satisfaction and life. Amen.

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