Daily Devotion - March 2, 2021 - Come Empty, Leave Full

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – March 2, 2021
Isaiah 55
Weekly Theme: Thirsting for God
Today: Come Empty, Leave Full

Today’s devotion title sounds like a sign that might be on the door of a restaurant with an all-you-can-eat country buffet. You know what I am talking about! The kind of u-shaped buffet which has everything from salad bar to dessert to include fried fat back and collard greens. When you go to one of these places you either fast for 2-3 days before going or wear your “stretchy” pants.  No matter what, you are going to leave full!

Isaiah 55 describes an all-you-can-drink, or eat, spiritual buffet that leads to eternal fullness with an invitation that is extended to all people. What, no, Who,  is it that will quench the spiritual thirst and hunger of  all people? God and God alone. The prophet Isaiah passes this message from God to all people. God invites them to come to him, listen, pay attention, seek and turn to him while he may be found. The people Isaiah is addressing are thirsty, hungry, poor, wicked, and unrighteous… people who are seeking satisfaction in all the wrong places and never being satisfied.

Isaiah tells them that God’s way is different and offers them a higher way in which they will experience joy and peace-filled guidance which will result in an appreciation for creation, described as a “cypress” instead of a “thornbush” and a “myrtle” instead of a “thorn”. God’s perspective is both telescopic and microscopic; he sees both the big picture and the most minute details. When we are in relationship with God, through Jesus Christ, we are enabled and empowered by the Holy Spirit to have a more heavenly view and are given, a Christ-like mind focused on what God desires for us. We might come to God empty but we always go forth from God replenished. We also have assurance that in those times when we feel empty again, God is waiting for us to be re-filled (or "re-feeled") with spiritual drink and food so that we might represent God in a world that needs to see the beauty and usefulness God has in store for each of us. No matter where we are on the spiritual “empty and full needle gauge”, God is ready to fill us up to the brim so that we might overflow with joy and be a beacon of light to others in a world in desperate need of God. Come, listen, pay attention, seek, be filled, and turn to him today!

Dear God, thank you for the beauty of Your words expressed by Isaiah in Chapter 55 and for the invitation you offer to us to be filled and turn to You today so that we might flourish and bloom for Your glorification. Help us turn to You today, every day, moment by moment, and to be constantly filled with Your grace and mercy. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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