Daily Devotion - March 19, 2021 - Rejoicing Always

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – March 19, 2021
Isaiah 25:1-9
Weekly Theme: From Death to Life
Today: Rejoicing Always

As Christians we are called to rejoice and to rejoice always which may seem to many to be an unrealistic expectation. Over the past year, I would expect that many have experienced some difficulty rejoicing due to the pandemic and all of the changes it brought to our life. It did not just affect one or two people, but it affected all of us in some way and brought about some unexpected changes to our lives and some unwelcomed consequences such as divisiveness in our nation. How can we possibly rejoice in unwelcomed, unexpected messes of life?

As Christians, we are encouraged to give praise to the Lord. The prophet Isaiah provides us with an example of what rejoicing looks like. It is an intentional decision and choice to praise God. Isaiah decisively states that he will exalt and praise God because of the wonderful things that God planned even before the beginning of time with perfect faithfulness. He destroyed cities so that they might never be rebuilt and to release the stronghold of those who are strangers to God and who were out to silence and destroy God’s people. He reversed the circumstances so that these oppressors of God’s people would now honor and revere God. God provides protection for those who are poor and needy and provides shelter from the elements of nature. The Lord prepares and provides for his people lavishly and removes the shroud of death, wipes away all tears from all faces and removes disgrace done towards those who are God’s people. In essence, the prophet Isaiah is reminding us that God is our decisive, deliberate, and dependable deliverer and for this we have all reason to continuously trust him, and to rejoice and be glad in his salvation.

What does “rejoicing” look like in your life? The product of rejoicing is joy so if we are rejoicing there should be evidence of it in our lives. We rejoice when we find joy in the Lord and not in the things of this world and find deeper lasting pleasure because he is the at center of all other relationships. We are then able to find joy in one another as fellow believers. We find joy because of what Jesus has done and is doing in our life. He makes it possible for us to be freed from the bondage and entrapment of sin and to be raised to a new life with him. Finally, we rejoice and find joy “even though”. Despite all the negative forces of life to include death, we can still find joy. Our ability to face the challenges of life, to include death, with Christ in our life makes it possible for us to find joy even amidst tumultuous times and great loss because we know that Jesus will sustain us through the best of times and the worst of times.

Without question, It has been a difficult, confusing and challenging year but let us choose to rejoice in all that God is and does as our decisive, deliberate, and dependable deliverer. Let us know with great assurance that God loves us and wants to move us to a state of true joy that only comes from being in relationship with God. With Christ in our life, we have every reason to rejoice even in these challenging times.  Today, choose to rejoice!

Dear God, thank you for being our most decisive, deliberate, and dependable deliver. You never let us down. Help us to choose joy over sadness and to be intentional in rejoicing because of You. In Jesus name. Amen.

  August 2021  
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