Daily Devotion , July 29 - God’s Provision: Open-Watch-Be Alert

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – July 29, 2020
Psalm 105
God’s Provision: Open-Watch-Be Alert

I am sure that many Christians pray to God daily and perhaps pray several times throughout the day. But how do we pray and in what way do we envision the one to whom we pray? I once was interviewed by a board and used the words… creator, deliverer, redeemer and friend to describe who God is to me. One of the interviewees said that he heard what I said and believed that I truly saw God in those ways but those were often used descriptions of God and he wanted me to dig deeper into how I see God. The word ‘provider’ came to mind and is indeed of God's nature. What does provision really mean? It means to make something available for use; to supply needs; to prepare for something or someone; to provide for now and in the future. God is constantly providing for God’s people and Psalm 105 encourages us to praise God for provision, to remember how God has provided and to live our lives in appreciation for the way God has provided for us. As God’s people, we need to keep our eyes open for the Lord, watch for his works and be alert for his presence (Ps. 105:4)

In verses 1-5, David gives thanks to God for his goodness and enduring love and admits that God’s mighty acts are of such magnitude no human can fully give praise for him. David then blesses those who respond to God’s provision through acts of justice and righteousness. David asks for God’s provision to aid, save, and prosper God’s chosen people. In verses 12-43, David remembers and gives an account of how God has delivered his ancestors beginning in Egypt, crossing through the Red Sea, in the desert, in the camp, and in the promised land. God even provided when they grumbled and worshipped idols and despite the sins of his people, continues time after time to provide for them. David remembers the consistency of God’s great provision and then concludes by saying that because of God’s provision we should give him praise and shouts of joy and respond by keeping his precepts and observing his laws out of deep love and appreciation for his great provision (vv.44-45).

Provision does not mean that we get everything we want. As you read through this Psalm you will see that God’s people suffered through some tough times but with each difficulty God made a way for them and provided for them. God wants to do the same for God’s people today. He wants to give us all we need so that we might continue to show our love for him with acts of obedience and righteousness. Take time throughout the day today, to keep your eyes open for the Lord, watch for God’s works and be alert for signs for his presence. And then respond by giving God praise, recalling the many times God has seen you through difficulties and showing your gratitude by living a life that reflects obedience and righteousness.

Dear God, thank you for your great provision that we take so lightly. We have become so accustomed to calling you our great provider that we do not stop to think about what it means. Give us humility as we open our eyes, watch for your works and look for your presence today and every day as you provide for us. Help us to live a life like the One you sent to show us how to live, your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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