Daily Devotion - January 4, 2021 - The Authority of Jesus

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – January 4, 2020
Mark 1:21-28
Weekly Theme: The Son of God
Today: The Authority of Jesus

When you hear the word, authority, what images or thoughts come to your mind? I think fondly of my daddy who taught me to respect authority. I have had much determination and a strong will as long as I can remember. My daddy recognized this right away and knew that he needed to teach me to respect authority. He disciplined me and helped me understand that no matter how much I grow, mature and think I can make independent decisions without consideration to others, I will always have someone in a position of authority over me. I may not always agree with their decisions, but I need to always respect the person for the authority they have been given. Authority is neither bad nor good in and of itself; those who are given authority can abuse it or misuse it but authority, itself, is necessary to maintain order in life.

That said, there seems to be much resistance to order these days. Many people do not really like to be reminded that they have someone in a position of authority “over them”, making decisions that affect them. But authority has always existed and will always exist because authority is of God. God granted true authority to the One person who could show us what authority should look like. God granted his Son, Jesus, authority, and Jesus, in his time on earth illustrated how authority should manifest itself. In Mark 1:16-20, Jesus calls his first disciples and in today’s reading Mark 1:21-28, Jesus and his disciples are in the synagogue and Jesus is teaching. His teaching came from the authority he received from God, rather than being driven by law as was the practice of other teachers in the synagogue. He did not recite a bunch of laws from which his authority came. He simply taught with an authority that came from God. He also used his authority to drive out the impure spirit that had taken control of a man who was in the synagogue. He did not speak sternly to the man, but rather spoke sternly to the impure spirit that had taken over his body. This amazed the people in the synagogue because he taught with authority and drove out the impure spirit with authority; and the people spread the news about Jesus.

In our day to day lives as Christians, we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to carry out whatever functions God places in front of us each day. For example, today I am working on this devotion, will begin preparing for my sermon next Sunday, will prepare for a meeting tonight, and will go with my husband to a doctor’s appointment. It is reassuring to me that as a child of God and a follower of Jesus, that I am covered under the authority of God for each one of those items on my "to do" list today. Jesus is with me every step of the way through the power of the Holy Spirit to give me the right direction, the right words to say or to write, and to guide me in all my actions. In this I find great comfort!

Almighty God, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, thank you for Your perfect authority that you use to empower us as we carry out whatever tasks you place before us to include authority you have given us in our various roles in our family, our vocations and in our churches. Help us to lean solely on your authority no matter what! In Jesus’ name. Amen

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