Daily Devotion - January 29, 2021 - Upside Down Authority

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – January 29, 2021
Reading: Luke 6:17-25
Weekly Theme: The Authority of God’s Word
Today: Upside Down Authority

In my 48 years of being an employee, to include my days of employment by my uncle on the family farm, I have had approximately 25 supervisors/bosses who directed me in a variety of jobs. Because of my employment with the military, my bosses rotated frequently...thus the large number. I learned something from each one of them and for the most part, I was very fortunate to have some really great leaders as supervisers. I respected their authority and still appreciate the many lessons I learned from them, even the one or two that were not really cut out for supervision and leadership positions. Initially, I struggled with those who would come in and make drastic changes but as I reflect back they were selected because they had the ability to turn the world upside down and change the things that needed to be changed.

This week the focus has been on the authority of God’s Word... spoken words recorded in the Scripture and the very Word of God that came to us through God incarnate, Jesus, the Son of God. Although some may struggle with authority figures, the authority of God is not like the authority of people. God’s authority is eternal and in Jesus we saw God turn the world upside down as he sent Jesus to challenge the leaders among God’s people who had become worshippers of the law rather than worshippers of God. In today’s passage, Jesus turns the world upside down. He pours out blessings on the poor, hungry, mourners, hated, excluded, insulted and rejected. He pronounces woes for those who are rich, well fed, laughers, and well respected. Jesus came to save and love the world, but he also came to level the playing ground through love. To open the eyes of those who were blessed with earthly things so that they may see those who are in need. He further tells the crowd on the plain to love their enemies, not judge others, and to produce fruit by storing up goodness in their hearts.

Really, Jesus???!!! Do you really think that we are supposed to love our enemies and to let go of all that we have worked hard to obtain? The bottom-line answer is yes. Discipleship comes at a cost and does involve sacrifice. It involves yielding to the authority of the only One who knows and recognizes the love in our heart. God is the only One with a complete worldview, who can equip, empower and direct each one of us to use our God-given talents to carry out God’s perfect will in places that spaces we will be directed by the power of the Holy Spirit. This, my friends, is true discipleship. I am still growing and will continue to grow as a disciple of Christ. Will you join me on this journey as we collectively love God, love neighbor, and make disciples of Jesus Christ, under the upside down, authority of God?

Dear God, thank you for Jesus and his Sermon on the Plain. Help us to yield to your upside-down authority as we love you, love neighbor and be disciples who make disciples, Amen.

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