Daily Devotion - January 11, 2021 - Becoming Disciples

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – January 11, 2021
Reading: John 1:35-51
Weekly Theme: Come Follow Me
Today: Becoming Disciples

Are all Christians called to be disciples? If not, then why is discipleship one of the major tenets of the Church? If God expects all of us to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, then is that not discipleship? I believe that I have been discipled by someone all of my life and that I always will be. Beginning with my early childhood under my mother’s teaching and the teaching of some wonderful people at my first church, Faith Free Will Baptist, in Kinston. My discipleship continued in full force at Bethel Free Will Baptist under the teaching of some wonderful women and men, and at Oxon Hill United Methodist Church, and at Trinity United Methodist Church, and now under the discipleship of my District Superintendent and many other clergy and men and women who disciple me through the North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church. Yes, we are expected to become disciples and to continuously become disciples. It is a lifetime process expected of all Christians.

So what does it mean to become a disciple? It means that someone by God’s grace pointed you towards Jesus. In today’s passage, John the Baptist points two of his followers towards Jesus by declaring Jesus as “the Lamb of God”. Likewise, if you and I are Christians, God chose someone or some event or some circumstance to point you towards Jesus, always being prompted by God’s grace that goes before us. The next step in discipleship is to respond by following Jesus because that is what Jesus tells disciples to do. We follow and we observe and learn the ways of Jesus and we spend time (stay) with Jesus. I believe this is the part that most Christians fail to do. There certainly have been seasons in my life when I did not spend much time with Jesus. I went to church and prayed sometimes, but I did not spend enough time learning and staying with Jesus. Thank God that began to change for me about 15 years ago through the grace of God and the encouragement of many other Christians God placed in my life at that time. Praise be to God!

The other way we begin to live into our relationship with Jesus is by doing as Andrew did; go tell others of how we have “found Jesus”. Invite them to “come and see” and then declare like Nathanael that Jesus is “the Son of God; and the King of Israel”. May we each examine our relationship with Christ and ask ourselves this question, “Am I disciple of Jesus”?  And may we be moved to "stay with" and spend time with Jesus each day.

Dear God, thank you for those who by Your grace pointed each one of us to your Son, Jesus. Help us to do the same and to declare Jesus as the Lamb of God, the Son of God and the King of Your People and to learn and spend time with You each day as Almighty God Lord Jesus Holy Spirit in whose name we pray. Amen.

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