Daily Devotion - February 8, 2021 - Love God and Others and Mind Your Own Business

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – February 8, 2021
1 Thessalonians 4:9-18
Weekly Theme: The Rewards of Ministry
Today: Love God and Others and Mind Your Business

There were many phrases my mama did not like to hear come out of my mouth. One of them was “none of your business” or “mind your own business”. Of course, I would never have said it to her, but I might say it to my brother or sister, and she would quickly give me that look that only she could give to let me know I did not need to be using that expression.

Yet, in today’s passage, Paul uses the expression to tell the people of Thessalonica that if they love one another, work with their hands and mind their own business they will gain respect of outsiders and will not have to depend on others. Why would Paul advise them in this way? He is telling them how to be prepared when the Lord returns. Readiness for the Lord’s return comes through loving one another, working hard, and setting an example for others. He then tells them to have hope, to be encouraged and to not worry about those who have fallen asleep in Christ. He is referring to the hope that is promised to those who have already died and refers to them being caught up in Christ when he returns. This subject of the Lord’s return is a complicated topic in which many scholars and communities of faith vary in how this will happen and when. There are also many questions about what happens to our loved ones who have already gone ahead of us to the church eternal (heaven). Here is what I know …we do not or will not know when the exact timing of our death will be nor do we or will we know when Christ will return, but we should always be prepared for both. In addition, we should find comfort in knowing that the Lord is always with us... forever. If we are living in Christ now, we will meet the Lord face to face one day but in the meantime, he is with us through the Holy Spirit. Through this truth, I am very encouraged and have much assurance.

In the meantime, I remain in the Scripture and in fellowship with other Christians and believe that those believers who have gone on before me, have fallen asleep in Christ and one day we will all be in heaven with Jesus. While we are told to mind our own business, that is so that we can focus on loving and encouraging others so that we might bear witness to the faith and love we have in Christ Jesus who promises that where he is, we will be also. Right now, at this very moment, Christ is present with me, constantly preparing me for that which he has in store for me today, tomorrow and for all eternity. I continue to prepare for his return and to tend to the mission before me to make disciples of all the nations for the transformation of the world. Even in the toughest of times, I am encouraged by the words of Paul who reminds us to live life fully now and to know that death is not the end for those who are in Christ!

Dear God, thank you for the apostle Paul who always reminds us to love and encourage one another and to have hope in your everlasting, eternal presence in our lives. Help us to live each day for you, love others, work hard and “mind our business” while still setting an example for others to follow as we prepare for your return. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

  August 2021  
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