Daily Devotion - February 25, 2021 - Someone to Watch over Me

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – February 25, 2021
Luke 12:22-32
Weekly Theme: Protected by God
Today: Someone to Watch Over Me

Being a mom is the greatest honor and responsibility God has ever given me. Our children should be the first and foremost in our discipleship efforts. I may not have always been to every game or event they participated in as a working mom, but I certainly took my role as a young mom very seriously and still check in with them several times a week. As hard as I tried to keep a very watchful eye on them during their childhood and still contact them to make sure they are doing okay now that they are grown, I obviously never could, and still cannot, watch over them every minute of every day. But I know someone who does!

Today’s psalmist reminds us of the omni-presence of God who watches over us, who is inspired by God when he looks at the beauty of the mountains. God keeps us from slipping and watches us when we sleep, for God never sleeps. God protects us from harm, shades us from the sun and safeguards us during the darkness of the night. God does not just watch from afar as some distant viewer, but God also intervenes and interacts with us through Scripture, events, and our experiences and involves himself in our lives.

My kids are grown but that does not mean that I will ever stop “checking in” and praying for them. God, however, is always with them and all of his children. In this, I find great comfort, knowing God not only watches over me and my family, but over all of creation. God is not only watching but God is present to be involved and deliver us from and through difficult situations and circumstances. Today, as you settle down to spend time with God, please take some time to reflect on your life right now and the recent times you have felt God’s watchful eye and protection upon you, as the only “Someone” who can watch over all his children, all at once, and all the time.

Dear God, thank you for being our Great Protector who keeps Your eyes upon us and intervenes as only You can. Help us to turn our cares over to you knowing that you are watching over us and ready to protect us and deliver us through all circumstances and to entrust you with our care and the care of others in our lives. In the name of your Son, Jesus, we pray. Amen.

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