Daily Devotion - February 22, 2021 - The Good Shepherd

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – February 22, 2021
John 10:1-18
Weekly Theme: Protected by God
Today: The Good Shepherd

Sheep…what do you really know about them? I was raised on a farm with pigs and a few cattle… but not sheep. I really do not know very much about them but have always been told they are not very smart. Most people feel sheep are good for two things: being eaten (sorry!) and for producing wool. From what I have read, however, this is not true. Actually, sheep are intelligent, capable of building friendships, blessed with great memory and recognition skills, and can experience sadness when their friends are sent to slaughter. All they need is a good shepherd.

Jesus loves sheep and often uses them in his teachings to express his love for his followers. In today’s passage, he describes himself as a shepherd, the one who enters by and is the gate as compared to the thief and robber who climb over the fence at some other place. The good shepherd, not only enters by the gate but also knows, loves, saves, and never abandons his sheep. Jesus must have surely thought that the use of this analogy of shepherd and sheep would teach the Pharisees about how much he loves his sheep so that they might better understand his purpose. But no, Jesus must “break it down” further for them and explain that he is the Good Shepherd who knows, loves, saves, and never leaves his sheep. Unlike the hired hand who has no vested interest in the sheep but thinks of them as “just a job” and will run away at the first signs of danger, Jesus will never abandon his sheep and is willing to lay down his life for them. Jesus also wants to bring other sheep into the pen. And by the way, the sheep in this story are not lacking in intelligence but are blessed with a Savior who can lead and guide them.

Do you know Jesus, the Good Shepherd? Have you received God’s gift of grace offered through Jesus Christ? If not, want you acknowledge him today as the Good Shepherd who wants to love, save, and always care for you. If you do know Jesus as your Shepherd, have you thanked him today for his love and will you share with others the way he tenderly and lovingly protects you and has laid down his life for you? Let us pray.

Dear God, thank you for your Son, Jesus, the Good Shepherd. Help us to be grateful for all he does to show us his love and protection through the power of Your Holy Spirit. And help us to care for one another and for those who are yet to come into the fold so they may experience his love and protection. In Jesus’s name we pray. Amen.

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