Daily Devotion - February 17, 2021 - You Are Chosen

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – February 17, 2021
1 Peter 2:7-12
Weekly Theme: Unchanging Truths
Today: You are Chosen

One of my favorite activities when I was in elementary school was recess. I loved to play team games such as kick ball. Two captains would be designated by the team and I always wanted to be chosen early. It felt good to be selected to play on a team and to feel like someone thought I was good enough to be chosen. Yet there were expectations that I would uphold my end of the bargain and play the game well.

As Christians we too are chosen and expected to live life in a particular way as part of a team called the priesthood of believers. When Jesus came to earth, he lived among all people, died for our sins, thus making forgiveness available to all who repent. These mighty acts of Christ made if possible for all people to be destined to be chosen by God. But there were some who were not eager to be chosen, and who disobeyed the message they were destined to hear and believe. But for those who listened to the message and believed, they became part of a priesthood of believers. If you and I believe in Jesus Christ, we are called to be priests “who declare praises of the One who has called us out of darkness into his wonderful light.” We are chosen, royal, holy and God’s special possession. Praise be to God we have received mercy and are precious in his sight. Because of God’s great mercy poured out on us, Peter urges us in today’s passage to abstain from sinful desires that wage war against our soul and to live a life among those who do not believe in God so that they may see our good deeds and then glorify God.

Today is Ash Wednesday, a Christian holy day of prayer and fasting. It falls on the first day of Lent, which are the six weeks of penitence (repentance) before Easter. During this time, Christians often give up something such as a bad habit, a food item, or perhaps a recreational activity of some sort which may have become a stumbling block in their spiritual journey. The reason for giving something up, or fasting, is so that the time or energy invested in that item or activity can be focused on Jesus Christ instead. This act of fasting from an object or an activity should not be something we go out and tell others about but rather should be a private time of reflecting on God’s mercy toward us, abstaining from sinful desires, and then living as one who is part of the priesthood of believers. As we begin this season, I pray that you will join me as we examine ourselves (individually) as priestly believers by giving thanks for the mercy God has shown us, repenting of our sins, and taking seriously our responsibility to live a life that is reflective of the goodness of God at work in our lives.

Dear God, thank You for the opportunity and honor to be a part of the priesthood of believers. Help me on this Ash Wednesday, and always, to be aware of the example I am setting as a Christian. Help me to let go of the things that may be a hinderance to others who do not yet know Your Son, Jesus, as Lord and Savior, so that they may see Your mercy at work in my life. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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