Daily Devotion - February 16, 2021 - Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion - February 16, 2021
Hebrew 12:1-17
Weekly Theme: Unchanging Truths
Today: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

When I was a reservist I was required to run 1.5 miles each year within a specified time adjusted by age and gender.  Every 4-5 years, I would go into a new time/gender category, each one more generous.  Despite this generous age adjustment, the run became more and more difficult on my bones, muscles and lungs.  As I approached the end of my career, I went for my two week training and was told I had to do my fitness test while there and run the 1.5 miles in 16 minutes (and a few seconds).  I know this may sound like a very generous amount of time but I was 52 years old and was concerned about finishing in the prescribed time.  The fitness monitor asked me if I would like for him to pace me so that I would make my time.  He said, "I will go at a generous pace but guarantee if you stay just a few feet behind me, you will pass the test. Just keep your eyes on me and hang in there". 
That is exactly what I did, and I passed the test!!!!

As I read today's passage, I was reminded my fitness monitor pacing me and telling me to keep my eye on him.  I am so thankful for his leading me over that line and making it possible for me to pass the test.  Just as I should have prepared and trained for this test, I need to always be prepared and trained in the ways of the Lord.  Our trainer as Christians is Jesus, and if we keep our eyes on Jesus we will win the race and experience the prize of being in his presence eternally.  He is always with us, pacing us, as we run the race. We have to do our part by enduring, being disciplined and submitting ourselves to Jesus.

If we endure, maintain discipline, and submit to Jesus we will receive and accept the prize of God's wonderful grace made available to us through Jesus Christ.  Our goal in life should be to pursue peace with everyone according to this passage.  We live in challenging times during which there are many uprisings, riots and protests. The world needs peace and as we run the race with endurance, discipline and submission, as we pursue peace, we can have assurance that we will finish the course if we just keep our eyes on Jesus.

Dear God, thank you for sending us the best Prize ever, Jesus Christ, who is the author and perfector on our faith.  Help us to endure the race, be disciplined on our faith journey, and pursue peace while we keep our eye on the Prize, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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