Daily Devotion - December 8, 2020 - Christ IS ComING

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion - December 8, 2020
Reading: Luke 21:25-36
Weekly Theme: 
The Lord Is Coming
Today: Christ IS ComING

Yesterday’s devotion reminded us of the ever-constant presence of God always... from the beginning of time to the present and into eternity. But today is about the hope and faith that we as Christians place in the words of this week’s theme, the Lord Jesus Christ IS comING. We acknowledge this each time we participate in Holy Communion and acknowledge that Christ will come again.  

As I read today’s passage from Luke 21:25-36, it sounded very familiar and so I looked through the past several devotions I have written. This passage was not among those from previous weeks’ devotions. Then I picked up my worship planner and noticed that one of the readings for Sunday, November 29th, was from Mark 13:24-37 which is the same account of the conversation Jesus is having in Luke 21. So during this season of Advent, we have hope and faith in our belief that the Lord Jesus is coming. Based on various commentaries, you cannot read these verses without looking at the context found in verses 5-24 in which Jesus tells his disciples there will be wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, plagues and persecution and arrest of Christians. Jesus is not telling his disciples this to frighten them but to move them to always be prepared for the Lord to come... to be expectant and find hope in the knowledge that Jesus is coming.

Jesus tells them to look for the signs of the times and expect the Son of Man (Jesus) to come again. This is not meant to scare his disciples or to scare us today, but to prepare us by being aware of the signs that will precede his coming.

He tells them a parable about a fig tree and how the sprouting of its leaves is a sign that summer is near. So it is when the great cosmic signs occur, when the weather gets weird; we can look forward to Jesus coming with great joy and expectancy but not with dread and fear.

He tells them to be careful and to not do anything that will dull their ability to be aware when Christ comes. This includes such things as carousing (overindulgence), drunkenness as well as those things that weigh us down and burden us to the point of worrying. We need to not be consumed with these types of activities which will distract us from being alert to the signs that will happen before the Lord comes again.

When we hear the expression that Jesus is coming, we should not feel fear or doubt or worry but we should be aware of and look forward to his coming and be alert and careful so that our senses will be acutely aware of the activities that will precede his coming. We should not fear but rather should have constant hope, strengthened faith, and the joy that comes from knowing that Jesus is coming just as he came to earth as a baby and lived among his people. He is coming to bring about the kingdom of God in all its glory. In the meantime, we wait with expectancy, we are aware of the signs and we are careful to not do things that will distract from all the glory God hopes to shine upon us.

Dear God, thank you for signs, for the stories and parables of Jesus and for the warnings your word brings to us through prophesies and through Jesus’ teaching. Help us to listen, be careful but to also have peace and hope because he IS Coming. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

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