Daily Devotion - December 30, 2020 - God Chooses the Thirsty and Moneyless

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – December30, 2020
Isaiah 55:1-8
Weekly Theme: Chosen to Be God’s Children
Today: God Chooses the Thirsty and Moneyless

For 13 years, I lived in Prince George’s County, Maryland which is in the Washington DC area where homelessness is prevalent. The church I attended participated in a ministry called Warm Nights. For 1-2 weeks in the winter, the church would be opened to homeless people in the local area for a hot meal and a place to sleep. Our congregation fed them and were encouraged to engage in conversations with them. They knew and acknowledged their need for water, food and a roof over their heads. Many also acknowledged their need for God. They were vulnerable and helpless and were looking to God for help. I recall now thinking that somehow, I was better off than these thirsty, dirty and moneyless people, but in reality they recognized their need for God in a way I was not able to at that time in my life.

God chooses and beckons to those who are lacking spiritually. Isaiah, the prophet, speaks of those who are spiritually thirsty and are lacking money. Isaiah says that God invites them to receive the living water being offered so that they will be healed and rescued by God’s grace. In Isaiah 55:2, the prophet writes that God questions why people spend their money on those items that do not satisfy and invites them to listen, pay attention to what is being said and to eat what is good. God is promising, through Isaiah, to send One who will be a leader, commander, and witness, and will spiritually nourish those who are thirsty, hungry and without money.  God sent us Jesus.

When we look around our culture today, what do we see? Even now, as our country has been through 9 months of pandemic, many people still do not think they need God. Many desire to live their lives on their terms and spend their time, money and energy on things that might bring temporary pleasure and happiness but not everlasting joy and peace. Isaiah challenges us to seek and return to the Lord while he may be found, call to God, and abandon our ways of satisfying our flesh. God is the only One who can satiate our thirst and can satisfy our needs. God wants to pour out compassion on us and freely forgive us, but we need to first acknowledge our need for God’s great provision of salvation. We must first recognize our ways and thoughts are not God’s ways and thoughts. Until we yield to the grace of God, we cannot fully experience all God desires for us. God’s grace is extended to all. However, we must accept our need for God’s grace so that we might be able to fully experience God’s compassion and love. God is waiting for us to respond to his grace so that our thirst and every need will be satisifed. No matter how well off we may think we are, we are all in need of God’s grace and ability to quench our spiritual thirst and depravity, as only God can do. Until we recognize our spiritual depravity, and our need to seek and return to God, we cannot experience the fullness of the abundant love and forgiveness that God desires to pour out on us.  

Dear God, our Great Provider and One who desires to deliver us from spiritual thirst and depravity. Thank you for Your grace and help us to accept and receive it, to acknowledge our need for You so that we might fully experience the abundant grace and compassion you desire to pour out on us.
In Jesus’s name we pray/ Amen.

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