Daily Devotion - December 25, 2020 - Born Anew

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – December 25, 2020
John 3:1-8
Weekly Theme: All Things New
Today: Born Anew

Today we celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ! Happy birthday, Jesus! I think it is great that there is a holiday around the world that bears in its title the name of Christ. But do we stop and pause on the true purpose and intent of this day? The word literally means “mass on Christ’s day"... the day set aside to remember the birth of Christ. Mass refers to a gathering together, in high order Christian churches such as the Catholic church, to remember the mighty acts of God through Jesus Christ’s life, his Last Supper with his disciples and his sacrificial death on the cross. In many churches, on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day, people come together to remember all that Christ has been, all that Christ is and all that Christ will do. Today, we remember Christ’s birth, life, death, resurrection, and return.

Why did God send his Son to earth in the form of a baby to live among us? Jesus lived among us so that he might reveal to us the very nature of God as the One who is above all... who is humble, yet powerful and who is full of mercy and compassion, yet just. Jesus took on flesh and experienced all that humans experience and was also 100% divine. Only Jesus, who experienced a human birth, could teach Nicodemus, through describing the experience of birth, about how a person can enter the kingdom of God through baptism by water and the Sprit. We may not see the Spirit physically, but we experience the Spirit, just as when leaves blow, we see the effects of the wind. Nicodemus is confused about the expression, “born again”, and asks Jesus how it is possible for him, as an old man, to be born again. Jesus explains that one must experience both a natural birth (through water), as well as baptism by the Spirit to be born anew. To be born anew, or again, means to the Christian, that he or she has died to his or her sin, and been raised to new life. Only One who experienced natural birth and the descending of the Holy Spirit as Jesus did, can explain it the way Jesus did to Nicodemus.

Jesus came to live among us. Praise be to God! He came to experience humanity, to teach, lead, show and tell us about God’s nature and about God’s kingdom and how we can have access to the kingdom. So today, this day set aside to worship and adore Jesus Christ and his birth, may we pause and reflect on the birth of our Savior, about his ministry and about his many teachings. Jesus experienced natural birth and Spiritual birth. Although Jesus always has been God, of God, and with God, Jesus experienced a descending of the Holy Spirit through his baptism to set forth an example, visible by humans, of the descending of the Holy Spirit as we are born anew, having died to our sins, and being raised to new life. Emmanuel, God with us through Jesus Christ, our Lord, and the Holy Spirit! Merry Christmas!

Dear God, thank you so much for sending your Son, Jesus Christ, in the form of a babe so that Jesus may fully experience life as a human. Thank you that Jesus was able to use his experiences as a human to teach others about what it means to be born again. Help us to not just turn on the tree and sing songs of the season which do not even mention his birth. But help us to embrace and give thanks for his birth, his life on earth, and his offering and sacrifice on the cross, all according to Your purpose and will, so that we might be born anew! Amen!

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