Daily Devotion - December 18, 2020 - Ever-Present, Ever-lasting God

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – December 18, 2020
Isaiah 40:1-11, 28-31
Weekly Theme: God Is with Us
Today: Ever-present, Ever-lasting God

I remember a season in my life when I was really struggling with depression. It was mild depression and did not last long. I was in my early fifties and had recently responded to God’s call on my life to be in full time ministry. I worked on staff in a church, surrounded by many good people and great friends. Yet, for some reason I was depressed. I relied heavily on some really, good friends but nothing they could say or do would take the depression away. Finally, two of those friends had the courage to tell me that they were praying for me, that they loved me but that they had done and said all they could to try to help me feel better. I decided to go talk to a Christian counselor. Over five sessions, she reminded me of the ever presence of our everlasting God and reminded me that despite my own insecurities during this season of my life and my friends not being able to help me through this time, God never lets go of us and is always with us. She encouraged me to focus outward on God and to minister to others and assured me that soon I would be through this season. She was right!!

Today’s Scripture readings remind us that even during those times when it seems others may have given up on their ability to help us through difficult seasons, God never abandons us. God wants to see us through the valleys in our lives when things seem unbearable and wants to help us get around the mountains and obstacles that are barriers to achieving the fullness of God’s love. God wants to smooth out the rugged places and make straight the path for us no matter how young or old we are. One of my favorite passages is Isaiah 40:28-31 and reminds us that even the youngest people in life grow tired and weary, but if we put our faith and trust in the Lord, he will lift us up on eagle’s wings. We can then run and walk through life without weariness, knowing that God is everlasting and ever present with us.

During this Christmas season, especially this eventful and, at times, stressful year, when we have been dealing with the pandemic, racism, riots and divisiveness, let us be assured that the ever-lasting God is ever-present with us to lift us up out of the weariness of these times, renew our strength and send us soaring to go forward with the hope, love, joy and peace of Christ in our hearts. And may we share the good news of Christ with others through our words and deeds!

Dear God, thank you for lifting me up from the valleys and knocking down the mountains that I have allowed to make me feel weary in life. Thank you for the hope, love, jo,y and peace you have in store for us always. Help us to “wait upon you”, O Lord, knowing that you can lift us up on eagle’s wings that we might be strengthened to run and soar and share the good news of your Son, Jesus Christ, with others. Amen.

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