Daily Devotion - August 21, 2020 - I Am the Son of Man

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – August 21, 2020
John 12:20-37; Luke 5:27-39
Weekly Theme: Who Do You Say I Am?
I Am the Son of Man

Most likely, we all have times when we have questioned who we are; and in our relationships, as we become acquainted with people and they become acquainted with us, we begin to form an opinion of who we are and at times we may not like the answer we get from ourselves and from others. The theme this week is “Who do you say I am?”. This theme is based on this question Jesus asked his disciples and the responses and comments from Jesus and his disciples  on who they say Jesus is.  This question shows up in all four gospels (Matthew 16:16-19, Mark 8:29; Luke 9:20; and John 6:68,69).  In essence, the gospels are the story of who Jesus is.  The difference between Jesus and us is that Jesus knows who he is, without question.

We have already learned a little more about who Jesus is earlier this week: Jesus is the new and living way and is the Son of David, which means Jesus is the promised Messiah. We also learned that even John the Baptist at times had his doubts that Jesus was the One. In today’s reading, we see Jesus as the Son of Man who is to be glorified (John 12:23). What does “the Son of Man” mean? This expression is critical to identify the biblical doctrine that Jesus as both divine and human in that he was born of a woman and could sympathize with our weaknesses and with temptation, although he did not sin. To know the humanity of Jesus also helps us understand that through humanity, sin entered the world, and through Jesus, both human and divine, the penalty for our sins has been paid. For these reasons, Jesus, as both Son of God and Son of man is to be glorified.

In today’s readings, we also see some other ways Jesus is identified. Jesus is the One who:

  • does the Father’s will … no matter what!
  • the One who was lifted up on a cross to pay the price for our sins and…
  • is raised up from the tomb, as he overcame sin and death.
  • is the light in a very dark world.
  • asks despised sinners, like Levi, to follow him and…
  • is willing to take the heat and criticism from the Pharisees as he hangs out with Levi and other sinners.
  • like the bridegroom, is taken away; but while here showed us the joy of living in the light
  • the new wine skin with the ability to stretch and include all nations as recipients of God's grace offering.

Because Jesus, the Messiah is both human and divine, he is worthy of all praise, yet is able to relate to the difficulty of living in the flesh. He came to bridge the gap between us and God. The Pharisees questioned his identity and wanted others to question who Jesus was during his time on earth. Jesus did not have an identity crisis… He knows without doubt that he is the Way, the one and only Way to God. And we would do we to fully embrace his ways and accept him as our one and only Way to the Father.

Dear God, we always give you thanks and praise for Jesus, who showed us the way to live a life that exemplifies humility, compassion, mercy, and justice. Through the power of the Holy Spirit may we all be inspired, motivated, and convicted to live as Jesus did during his time on earth, knowing that he is now in heaven interceding on our behalf. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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