Daily Devotion - April 6, 2021 - The Down Payment for Eternity

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – April 6, 2021
2 Corinthians 5:1-10
Weekly Theme: Partakers of Eternal Life
Today: The Down Payment for Eternity

Have you ever thought about the Spirit who resides in you? You know, the Spirit that Jesus said he was leaving with those who believe just prior to his being crucified (John 14). For me, a spiritual growth spurt occurred one day when I looked in the mirror and said to myself, “You look old, Connie”. My hair was graying rapidly, wrinkles were starting to form around my eyes, and I realized that at 44 years old I had already lived half my life, if I live to be 80. It was on this day in that moment that I became acutely aware that the Spirit who lives within me will never die. The Spirit who nudges, pulls, stretches, pushes, lures, and moves within me is the living presence of God who was deposited within me when I received God’s gift of grace made possible through the mighty acts of Jesus Christ. This part of who I am will never die. He is the down payment assuring me of eternal life.

Paul tells the Corinthians in today’s passage about the Spirit and what it means to have the Spirit deposited within us. The Spirit guarantees what is yet to come which is that one day we will be clothed (surrounded) with our heavenly dwelling. This guarantee makes it possible for us to live with confidence, by faith. While now we live in the flesh and are physically away from the Lord, by the Spirit we are assured that one day we will be with the Lord. Paul reminds us that our goal should be to live to please the Lord while we are in the body because one day, we must all appear before Christ to receive what is due us for what we have done while in the body, whether good or bad. We will be held accountable for our actions by Jesus and will be rewarded accordingly. The penalty for our sins has already been paid but we still will stand face to face before the Lord to give an account of how we have spent our life. The great news is that Jesus left us with the Spirit to guide us in the right way by equipping and empowering us to show our love for Christ by living according to his will.

Our flesh tells us that we do not want life as we know it to end but the Spirit reminds us that our mortality will be swallowed up by real, true, and eternal life. It is through the Spirit that we are guaranteed what is to come. In the meantime, we cannot see God, but we walk by faith, living as Jesus showed us, because we have confidence and assurance through the Spirit. One day we will stand before the Lord and will be repaid for our good or evil. Following his conversion, the apostle Paul devoted his life by sharing his faith and being God’s instrument to witness to others, lead them into a relationship with Christ, and embrace Christ’s way of kingdom living. As Christians let us each ask ourselves today, “Am I living my life as Christ would have me live?” May we react to the Spirit within us and walk as Christ would have us.

Dear God, thank you for the deposit of your Spirit indwelling within those who receive your grace. Help us to live as eternal beings every day and be a witness for You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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