Daily Devotion - April 24 - 2021 - Patience is Powerful

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – April 24, 2021
Psalm 37:1-7
Patience is Powerful

Over the past 6 years I have had the privilege of being the pastor at Eureka United Methodist Church. As I anticipated the move to Eureka I remember saying “I can’t wait to be a pastor”. I had worked on staff in a church and certainly did not look forward to leaving that church but had also spent 3 years in seminary and was ready to finally be able to live into God’s call on my life. As people asked me how I was feeling I would respond, “I can’t wait”, yet inside it was extremely difficult to say good-bye. Now, six years later, I stand at another threshold, leaving a group of people whom I love so dearly, just as I did six years ago, to serve in another area of ministry at another location. But I would like to think I have learned a lot about waiting on the Lord instead of having an attitude of “I can’t wait”.

The truth is that if it were entirely up to me, I could have waited at Eureka United Methodist Church forever. The people of this church are sweet, loving and some of the finest people I know. We have journeyed through life together these past 6 years, through both good and difficult times. I love them and saying good-bye will not be easy. But God has some other plans for me, for them, for their new pastor as well as the current pastor and the new community where I will be appointed. So…      I can wait until my appointed time to move which will be June 29th.  On that day, God will see me through as I move from one town to another, leave this sweet community and church I have served, and go serve another sweet and beloved community. I will wait patiently as God equips and empowers me to love and serve the people of that community just as much as I have the people of Eureka. But for today and every day between now and June 29th, I will spend my remaining time relishing every moment and new memory made as God continues to form me here.

Today’s reading from Psalm 37:1-7 reminds us of the power of patience in all situations. I am not going to fret or worry about moving. I am going to trust in God, try to do good, take delight in the Lord and know that he will provide me with all I need to continue to serve the great people at Eureka UMC as he prepares me to serve the new people to whom God is leading me next. I pray God will continue to move me closer and closer to living a righteous life as I respond with obedience to this new call, and that I might be still before the Lord and wait patiently as I continue to minister to the great people at Eureka UMC.

The patience God gives us is powerful and sustains us as we go through new opportunities God places in front of us. I pray for patience of the people of Eureka UMC, for their new pastor and his family, as well as for the current pastor of the people where I will be serving, and the entire community where I will be serving as we all go through this season of transition together and wait to see the great things God has in store for all of us now and in the future.

Dear God, thank You for the many seasons You take us through on life’s journey and the opportunities I have personally experienced with the great people at Eureka UMC. I pray for patience in these last two months for all of us at Eureka UMC and for more opportunities and experiences that will continue to form all of us during my remaining time here. I pray for the new pastor who will be coming to Eureka UMC, for the people of Eureka UMC, and the current pastor and people who live in the community where I will serve You next… that we all move forward united in carrying forth Your mission to make disciples of all the nations. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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