Daily Devotion - April 23-2021 - Becoming What You Believe

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – April 23, 2021
Romans 12
You Become What You Believe

If I were to ask you, “What do you believe?”, how would you respond? Many people may simply respond with the words, “Well, I am a Christian” which may or may not answer the question being asked. Some Christians may even elaborate with nice comfortable expressions of their belief that they have learned in church… such statements as “I believe in God the Father who creates and delivers me, God the Son, Jesus who is my redeemer, Savior, and Intercessor, and God the Holy Spirit who is our Advocate and Friend”. These are words we have been taught by our parents, Sunday School teachers, youth pastors, over the course of time and may feel like a very natural expression of what we believe. Maybe we should instead answer this question, “Who have you become because of who you believe?”

Romans 12 provides a good description of what we should become as Christians. Becoming a Christian involves sacrifice, a willingness to give of oneself… renewing our mind daily through God’s Word and being able to discern God’s will for our lives. We are to live with humility and acknowledgement of the grace and gifts God has blessed us with which we are to use according to God’s will and for God’s glory. When we become Christians… that is when we experience the abundance of God’s love to the point of overflowing, we begin to put love into action… we love others and practice radical hospitality. We are devoted to one another in love. We have passion for Christ which is expressed with great enthusiasm towards other Christians and to those who are not yet Christians. We become persons who bless those who are our enemies, those who persecute us and then, seek to live in harmony with everyone. Christians are not people who seek revenge and try to repay evil with evil but rather leave it to God to avenge and repay. As Christians, we are people who reflect on the grace of God wherever we go, no matter what the circumstances. In other words, in the life of someone who is a Christian, there should be evidence of grace, gifts, hospitality, radical love and reliance on God to handle those who hate us because of what we believe. We are to believe in God’s transforming grace to help us become righteous not because of anything we have done, but because of all that God has done to change us in to humble, loving, serving, and hospitable people who desire with all our hearts for others to come to know Christ as well.

Becoming a Christian cannot and does not happen because of anything we do but takes place because of what God has done and continues to do in us… transforming us by renewing our minds as we receive and accept God’s gift of grace and seek to do God’s good and perfect will for our lives. Almighty God Lord Jesus Holy Spirit, the three in One, comes to us and creates in us a new life where grace and love prevail and we are moved out of our love for God to live a life that speaks these words with sincerity, as we each pray:

Thank you, God, for all you do in my life to humble me, redeem me, love me, and move me to love others as you have loved me, making sacrifices for Your sake, so that others may come to know you through me as your faithful servant. Help me to continuously become what you would have me become… humble, loving, and serving others you place in my life every day... realizing all the while that it is only through Your transforming grace that I am moved on closer to what you will for me to be. Amen.

  August 2021  
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