Daily Devotion - April 20 - Chase Your Passions

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – April 20, 2021
Reading: James 4:1-4

Chase Your Passion

I have always been blessed and encouraged by many mentors in my life and some have suggested, with the best of intentions, that I chase my passions. This advice sounds motivating at first but if I really chased all my passions, I might find myself living a life that is not consistent with Christian teaching, placing a self-inflicted wedge between me and God and not being a very faithful servant. Often our passions may be driven by our flesh if we are not allowing the Holy Spirit to guide, motivate and convict us to live our lives for the Lord.

In James 4:1-4, we are advised to submit ourselves to God, beginning with an assessment of what causes fights and quarrels among God’s people. In these four verses, James suggests that trouble among God’s people comes when we desire what we do not have, when we covet what someone else has, when we do not rely on God to provide what we need, when we ask God with the wrong motives… all so that we might satisfy our passion. He then suggests that this is adulterous behavior implying that we have allowed our lust for the passions of this world (perhaps sexual desires but includes all passions) to interfere in our relationship with Jesus as well as with fellow Christians. The pleasures of the world are many and are very tantalizing but when we seek pleasure at the expense of others and more importantly, at the expense of being obedient to God, our passion and our pleasure become sinful.

The cure for giving into the fleshly passions we can possibly be confronted with every day is to channel our passion towards God. If we humble ourselves before God and realize God is the only One who can truly satisfy our deepest passion, we will see what the world offers as a very weak substitute for what God has in store for us.

In those moments when we lean on God and serve others, we will experience the true passion of God that moves us into the zone of anointing, a phrase I was introduced to in the book, Leadershift, written by Don Cousins and Bruce Bugbee. What does it mean to live in the zone of anointing? It occurs when we spend each moment, minute, hour, and day in our walk with God using our spiritual gifts God has given us to fully serve him in every aspect of our lives whether we are at work or home or church or any other location. In those moments, when we are anointed by God with gifts and are using those gifts for God’s glory, we are truly chasing the passions God created us to experience, derived from the Holy Spirit, and not from flesh. This is better than anything we can experience by living in, and yielding to, the flesh. So today, let us go forward and chase those passions that are of God, using the spiritual gifts God gives us, and experience an anointing like none other.

God Almighty Lord Jesus Holy Spirit, thank you for anointing us with your grace and love and with gifts that you desire for us to use for glory. Help us to be aware of these gifts so that we can experience the same passion exemplified for us through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and feel your anointing as we use these gifts all for your glory. In Your name. Amen.

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