Daily Devotion - April 1 - 2021 - Experiencing Christ through the Ordinary

Daily Devotion – April 1, 2021
Mark 14:12-27
Weekly Theme: Christ Lives
Today: Experiencing Christ through the Ordinary

Almost every morning, first thing, I say good morning to God, thank him for another day and then ask him to allow me to see God, the Almighty, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit in all that I do; a very short prayer that truly God uses to ground me throughout the day. After I have done this and straightened up my sleeping spot, typically on a couch these days, I go into the kitchen for my first cup of coffee. I grab a sweetener packet which has a sweet expression on it, and I ask God to let that saying speak to me through him. Today’s packet had this expression on it, “Good things take time”. The way God spoke to me through this packet of sweetener was “Be patient. All things take place in my time.” How does this apply to me personally? I am ready for things to be back to my normal. But God is telling me to be patient and in God’s time, “things” will return to the way God wills and intends them to be.

Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, used ordinary objects to communicate a message to his disciples. The message to the disciples was through two common elements of bread and wine that were used frequently during Passover. Jesus tells the disciples, they will remember Jesus, feel his very presence with them, and will remember what Jesus is about to do for them. Jesus is forecasting to them and to us today, that he willingly will give his body and blood to atone for their sins (and ours) and with this, they sang a song, and they all went out to the Mount of Olives where Jesus further forecasts that the “shepherd will be stricken and the sheep will be scattered”, describing his own looming crucifixion and death (v. 27).

Jesus used ordinary experiences, drinking wine, eating bread, shepherds being stricken, and sheep being scattered to prepare his disciples for everything they are about to experience. Every time that we partake in the Lord’s Supper, we not only remember, but we experience the very presence of Jesus Christ with us as all are invited to Christ’s table by the presiding pastor, to receive and experience the very presence of Christ, that through his death and resurrection sin and death have been conquered sin and thus, bridged the gap created by sin that would otherwise separate us from God.

God places ordinary objects, people, experiences, elements, and situations in front of us each day and speaks to us in extraordinary ways.  God does this to remind us of God’s presence with us through Jesus’ mighty acts on the cross, and through the power of the Holy Spirit who intercedes to motivate, inspire, empower, equip, and spur us on to be disciples… disciples who go forth to make more disciples of all the nations for the transformation of the world. So, the next time you pick up an ordinary object, think about the extraordinary way God makes God's presence known to you and the message he speaks to you. Listen, hear and then obey God.

Dear God, thank You for placing ordinary objects, people, and circumstances in front of us to remind us You are with us… always… in the ordinariness of life. Help us to feel your presence and listen to the messages you place right under us. For me, today you have told me to be patient and trust that in your time, things will be as they should be. In the meantime, remind me that You are in control. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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