Daily Devotion - April 13, 2021 - Exploiters

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion – April 13, 2021
Luke 10:30
Weekly Theme: Attitudes towards the Needy
Today: Exploiters

Yesterday morning I drove to the small town of Broadway, driving through some other small towns. As I drove through these towns, I observed people who were out and about, just to get a feel for the town. Some of these towns looked desolate and abandoned while others were very quaint towns with little coffee shops where people were out enjoying the nice weather. As I began to read the scripture this morning and reflect on whether I had seen anyone who was needy as I drove through these towns, I was convicted. I had not seen because I had not looked for those in need. I kept my eyes open to only see what might enjoy in that little town.

Yesterday, we began to examine attitudes towards the needy, beginning with the law expert who asks Jesus what he must do to inherit the kingdom of God. When Jesus gives him his answer, he walks away sadly in the Mark version of this story. This story as relayed to us by Luke is slightly different, maybe an entirely different legal expert asking the same question, but the answer is given in the form of a familiar parable, the Good Samaritan. Today’s verse is about the unnamed ones who robbed an unnamed man, stripping him of his clothes, beating him and leaving him half dead. While it never says they took everything he had on him, it is implied because the ones who did these horrific deeds to this unnamed man are referred to as robbers. These robbers are the ones who used and exploited this man and put him in a position of being in great need. We know nothing about the man and what he was like before he was beaten and stripped and robbed. As Jesus begins to tell this story, he describes a man who was not in need but in one short sentence informs those listening that a person is in great need because people exploited and robbed him of his well-being, possessions, and dignity. He was left helpless and destitute.

As we go about our daily lives, how often do we see people in need and look away? Why do we look away? Perhaps we look away because we somehow think they are responsible for the situation they find themselves in and are abandoned, improperly clothed and in need because they have not done anything to help themselves. But what if the reason they are in need is because someone exploited them, taking advantage of, and stripping them of everything they owned, to include their dignity. In our ignoring those who are in need because of exploitation, are we as guilty as those who have robbed? Examples of exploitation are right under our nose in the form of human trafficking as well as other horrific crimes.  May we be moved to respond with Christian love and action to those who are in need because of exploitation.

Dear God, thank you for the story of the Good Samaritan and all the lessons we learn from it. Help us to see ourselves in this story and convict us to help those in need. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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