Daily Devotion, 6-2-2020 - The Saving Relationship

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Devotion – June 2, 2020
Reading: John 5:19-47
The Saving Relationship

Throughout our lives we are in relationships through family and through many other people we encounter. The relationships are wonderful and provided to us by God to help us through life, through love and encouragement. While these relationships are a blessing, we can never come into a life of complete joy and peace, into a feeling of being safe and secure, through these people.

In John 3:16 we are told that God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that whoever believes might have everlasting life. The one condition for salvation is simply to believe the essence of Scripture summed up in this truth: God loves you and God wants to be in relationship with you. Today’s passage (John 5:19-47) is a dialogue between Jesus and some fellow Jews who are upset because he has referred to God as His Father. In this conversation, Jesus reveals the basics of this belief: God the Father has a Son, whose name is Jesus; God has given Jesus authority to judge; and there are various witnesses to these two statements which verify that Jesus truly is the Son of God.

Jesus’ relationship with God is one of Father and Son. In this passage, Jesus establishes that God, his Father, is eternal, that God sent him as His Son so that others may hear the voice of God, see the life of God, and experience God’s very nature in Jesus (vv. 25-26). 

As such, God has granted Jesus the right to pass judgment on everyone  to Jesus who makes it clear that the authority to judge has been received from God and is not according to Jesus’ will but according to the will of God the Father (vv. 27-30). At some point, Jesus will judge everyone and each person will either be resurrected to life or condemned to eternal death which means they will be separated from God.

Jesus shared with the Jewish people in this passage, about the witnesses that could verify him as God’s Son. He reminded them of John the Baptist whom they listened to and willingly recognized as a shining light and rejoiced for a while in his light as he prepared the way for Jesus. In addition, having just performed a miracle of healing (John 5:1-7), Jesus offers his own testimony as the One God sent and tells them if they do not believe him (Jesus) then they do not believe the One (God). Jesus also refers them to the Scripture which they have studied diligently and to the coming of Jesus taught by Moses as if to say, “If you don’t believe me, believe Moses and the Scripture” (vv. 31-40).

In the Christian faith, it is not possible to say you love God when you do not accept his Son. Jesus tells them that he will not make accusations (or judge) them on behalf of the Father but rather Moses, in whom they have placed their faith, will be their accuser. Jesus reminds them again that Moses even prophesied about his coming, yet they do not believe (vv. 41-47).

This passage was written to people who were directly looking right at the Son of God who had just healed a man who was “blind, lame and paralyzed”. Yet they did not believe that Jesus is the Son of God. How do we believe today without the benefit of witnessing the miracles of Jesus or by knowing someone who witnessed those miracles? The answer is the same: God gave us Jesus and they both have given us the gift of the Holy Spirit who moves us to believe in God. The grace of God abounds and goes before us through Scripture, through experiences, through traditions and through reason to the point of belief and acceptance that God, Son and Holy Spirit are alive and well and waiting for us to receive the gift of God’s grace. Do you desire to be in the one and only, truly saving relationship… a relationship with God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit? There is room at the table of grace for you.  If you desire to learn more and would like to speak with someone about this saving relationship, reach out to us through our website (eurekaumc.com... select prayer requests), by email: eurekaumc@yahoo.com, or by phone: 919-242-2229.

Dear God, we thank you for giving us yourself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We thank you that through your Word, we learn that you created us and have delivered us from sin through your Son, Jesus Christ, our redeemer and Savior. We thank you for the Holy Spirit who leads and guides us to you and to paths of righteousness. O Lord, if there is one who reads this who does not know you as Lord and Savior, help them to reach out to the contacts provided so that they may hear more about you as Father, Son and Holy Spirit… the God who saves! In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

  August 2021  
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