Daily Devotion, 6-15-2020 -True Wisdom

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Devotion: June 15, 2020
Reading: 1 Corinthians 2:1-13
True Wisdom

Wisdom… what images and thoughts come to your mind when you hear or see that word? We might imagine an older person with white hair who sits quietly and listens and perhaps has been well-educated or is well-read. Perhaps you think of a symbol of wisdom such as an owl, which goes back to the goddess, Athene, symbolized by an owl. The truth is that true wisdom does not originate from books, or education, or age, or symbols. True wisdom, at least for the Christian, originates from the Holy Spirit.

In 1 Corinthians 2, Paul speaks about his complete reliance on the Holy Spirit to guide him in his preaching and teaching, stating that his message is a demonstration of the Spirit’s power at work within him, and not from wise and persuasive words. The Holy Spirit, according to Paul, prepares us, reveals to us, helps us understand and gives us the right words to teach and proclaim Christ. Paul came to the Corinthians the first time knowing nothing except this one message: “Jesus Christ and him crucified.” The words Paul used to explain and describe that message were of the Holy Spirit.

Everyone is born with a spirit (little ‘s’) but when a person converts from a status of unbelief in God to belief in God, he or she is given the Spirit of God to guide them on spiritual matters. The Holy Spirit helps us draw conclusions based on God’s perspective and make wise decisions in difficult situations. The Spirit helps us as we read the Scripture and discern the message God is trying to reveal to us. If we have received God’s grace, we will recognize the stirring and movement of the Holy Spirit as we are inspired, convicted and motivated to change our lives so they reflect the life of one who follows Christ.

Why do people not feel or experience the Holy Spirit of God within? The person who does not believe in God, obviously is not going to recognize the Holy Spirit. Others may have made a profession or confession of faith and refuse to accept or acknowledge that the Holy Spirit is guiding them to respond to God's leading. They may feel the Spirit but just not heed what the Spirit is saying. Finally, some people do not experience the Holy Spirit because they have never heard about God. All of this being said, Christians who have accepted and received the grace of God should experience the movement of God’s Spirit within them and rely on the Spirit to lead them as they begin to share the good news with others, proclaiming and teaching them about Jesus Christ. So do you feel the Spirit within you guiding you just as Paul was guided to share the message of Jesus Christ and proclaim God’s mighty works of grace through Jesus? If you do not, then is it because you heard and choose to not believe or is it because you refuse to accept how the Holy Spirit is guiding you? Or have you never heard of this saving grace? When we know Christ, we recognize that the Holy Spirit resides within us to guide us and give us the wisdom to share the Good News of Christ with others. As Christians, are we using the wisdom from the Holy Spirit to guide us or are we relying on adaptations of the world’s wisdom? If not, won’t you open your heart to the movement of the Holy Spirit to give you the only true wisdom?

Dear God, thank you for your Holy Spirit who guides and leads us as we read your Word and helps us discern how to articulate the message of your saving grace through your Son, Jesus Christ. Help us to acknowledge your Spirit, to embrace the discerning that is of your Spirit and to go forth to preach and teach as Paul did. Steer us away from wisdom that is not of your Spirit. We ask this all in Jesus’s name. Amen.

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