Daily Devotion, 6-10-2020 - Be the Light

Pastor: Connie Belmore

Daily Devotion, June 10, 2020
Reading: Philippians 2:12-18
Be the Light

I have talked and listened with several people over the past few days about all that is going on in our world. I think we can agree on one thing; we live in a very broken world and something needs to change. We tend to park ourselves in different political corners without any mention of turning to God for our answers. It is like one incredibly wise, retired social worker beautifully reminded a few of us in one of these conversations recently, “The only way for change to occur is for people’s hearts to change.” The way that hearts are changed is through a relationship with Jesus Christ. We can do this only if we as Christians purposely decide to be the light in a world that is broken, perverted and crooked. But how can we remain positive in such an environment.

First of all, be obedient to God. In order to know what God expects from us, we need to be in God’s Word daily, praying before we read that God will reveal to us what God wants us to hear and enact in today’s culture. Obedience goes beyond our willpower and is more about God working in us. We must lean on God to help us discern and obey God’s will. We must also work out (not for) our salvation which means we must reason and understand that salvation is by God’s grace and not by our actions; it occurs by developing and growing in our relationship with God. “Working out our salvation” is called discipleship and occurs in today’s cultures through individual study as well as through small groups such as life groups, Sunday School and conversations with other Christians. We should take the “working out of our salvation” seriously (with fear and trembling) because our salvation and security in our relationship with God is the most important responsibility we have as Christians. The good news is that God is working in each one of us to accomplish God’s will in our lives, so we are never alone as we work out our salvation. Paul advises the people of Philippi (and us today) to not argue and grumble but rather rejoice and be glad with one another and others will then see the light of Christ in us.

As we find ourselves amidst controversy and navigate through difficult conversations, are we allowing God’s light to shine us? Can people tell that we are followers of Christ, when they look at us as the Church? If you are not currently engaged in “working out” your salvation in your time alone and with others in small groups, what next steps will you take to mature and grow in your faith so that others may see the light of Christ in you? Today is the day to take your next steps in your relationship with God and to grow and mature as a child of God so that you can be a beacon of hope in a world that is very dark right now. Instead of talking about all that is wrong, let’s commit to working out our salvation so we can carry out God’s will for our lives as we minister to others God has placed in our lives.

Dear God, thanks for these words from the apostle Paul to remind us you are ever present with us as we work out our salvation and grow together as your church to carry out your will for us individually and as your Church. Help us to take our salvation seriously so that we may rejoice and be glad amidst all that does not seem right in our world right now. Help us to carry out your will in our lives so that you might be lifted up and glorified. We ask this in Jesus’s name. Amen.


  July 2021  
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