Daily Devotion, 5-27-2020 - In the Spirit of Christ

Pastor: Connie Belmore

DEVOTION – May 27, 2020
Reading: Acts 4:32-37
In the Spirit of Christ

Yesterday’s devotion was about the power of making our requests known to God in the name of Christ. Today we turn our attention to how the Holy Spirit is stirred when requests are made genuinely and faithfully. Several years ago, I met a young man and his wife who sold all their possessions with the exception of a few personal items such as clothes and whatever they might need to go be missionaries in Panama. They moved away from their families and for nearly 5 years served children, youth, and families in a small community where they introduced many to Christ.

In today’s reading from Acts 4, we hear about a group of believers who, like this couple, were of one heart and mind, and shared their possessions. There was no mine or yours…but rather a mentality of what is mine IS yours. The passage tells us that some would sell their land and homes and bring the money from the sales to share and be distributed to everyone. Can you imagine being a part of believers who acted on their faith in God to this magnitude? We can only imagine this if we believe that the power of the Holy Spirit is so great that it moves Christians to do things, such as sell all their possessions and share them with others, for the sake of furthering the kingdom of God. Giving up all we have sacrificially and willingly without hesitation, as my friends did when they moved to Panama, and like this group of believers did in Acts 4, can only happen when we are truly plugged into the powerful Spirit of God.

When is the last time you (and I) truly gave sacrificially? We tithe for the same reason that we pray… it is a spiritual discipline that moves us toward a faithful and loving relationship with Christ. But when we give sacrificially, we are going beyond a tithe and toward giving of ourselves out of a heart that has been stirred by the power of the Holy Spirit to sacrificially share our abundance with others. When we give sacrificially, we do not tell or ask the receiver how they are going to use the gift, We give out of our obedience to a stirring in our heart by the Holy Spirit to give to God by giving to others and to trust God enough to know that those who receive it will answer to God on how they put the money or gift to use for God’s glory. We saw this a few days ago in the Acts 2:43-47, as one of several characteristics of early Christians, and we see again today in Acts 4 being lived out by another group of believers… this is no coincidence but is the way the Holy Spirit may be speaking to us and telling us to sacrificially give. Let us all pray that God will move us more and more towards living a sacrificial life, guided by the Holy Spirit.

Dear God, Thank you for knowing and fulfilling our needs and desires and blessing us. Help us to be ever mindful of your Holy Spirit and to be stirred to live lives as your Son Jesus taught us and showed us… lives that are sacrificial in all ways, to include giving to others like the believers in Acts 2 and 4 so that there are no needy people. In the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

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